Rebecca Goes Undercover as A Pizza Delivery Girl! How to Sneak Food Anywhere in Hacker Mansion!

20 aug 2020
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Rebecca goes in disguise in Hacker Mansion
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Rebecca Zamolo won a dance moms in real life challenge with Lilly K to reveal a secret from RZ twin. Matt and Rebecca then had Maddie play an extreme who knows me better challenge my best friend or my crush. The Game Master network tried to get a face reveal by playing last to leave ball pit wins. Now Robbie Rob has a huge meeting as a dominos delivery person. Rebecca is going undercover in disguise to see if this is the recruitment party. Matt, Maddie and BBI all dress as RHS members and sneak in to plant security security cameras. Pizza hut shows up and they have a 1 v 1 battle royale to get the job. Matt almost is caught as he has to play a game of hide and seek to find the best hiding spot. Maddie sneaks into the red hood spies secret laboratory and overhears how to make the ooz. Rebecca and Robbie Rob convince the RHS to choose them so we can attend the party which is a Comic Book party. The new boss loves ninja turtles. Maybe that would be a good disguise to win the costume contest? Hopefully no one figures out our true identity or else we might go missing. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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  • Do not Robbie Rob because he was working for The Red Hood spys. The green thing is the oozie that hyptozied people.

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