Copying Sofie Dossi for 24 Hours! Best Friend Twin Challenge (Bad Idea)

1 aug 2020
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Rebecca Zamolo and Sofie Dossi are twins for this 24 hour challenge to reveal her crush!
Handcuffed to My Twin For 24 Hours
Sofie Dossi channel
Rebecca Zamolo tested viral tik tok tricks and life hacks to reveal Maddie’s crush secret and the best tiktok wins Game Master clue. Then, Matt and Rebecca began copying my best friend for 24 hours in a challenge with the new twin crush which turned out to be a surprise face reveal. The Game Master network competed in an extreme bite, lick or nothing food challenge to get truth about the RHS. Rebecca invites professional contortionist Sofie Dossi over and surprises her by dressing like her twin. Rebecca begins copying Sofie while they spin a mystery wheel of dares. Sofie teaches Rebecca some contortion moves from America’s got talent but Rebecca fails. Matt helps the girls create a viral mom and daughter tik tok. They call Sofie’s best friend Nia Sioux from Dance Moms and trick her on facetime. Upstairs Maddie sneaks her crush Robbie Rob to help him get his memory back. They eat only red foods for 24 hours and he draws weird and mysterious geometric shapes. Rebecca pretends to be Sofie’s mom and they surprise SEworldr Rosanna Pansino at her house. Back at the house, they play last to fall into the pool doing acrobatic tricks and Rebecca falls in. Rebecca finally wins Sofie’s necklace in the death straw challenge. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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