Gymnastic Vs Roblox Challenge In Real life! Noob Vs Pro | Rebecca Zamolo

4 okt 2020
3 451 807 visningar

Rebecca Zamolo tried using only one color to trick your best friends and it was a bad idea. That was right before Matt and Rebecca faces her biggest fear of clowns in a magic tricks on best friend. Earlier the Game Master Network found out a clown broke into our house in an extreme hide and seek challenge. Now that Matt and Robbie Rob tricked Mr Nice Guy into giving them a box, the youtube squad opens and unbox to see whats inside. It's a creepy doll again. Matt destroys it by throwing it away. Since they are at a gymnastic gym Rebecca has the best idea. Why don't we do a giant Roblox vs gymnastic in real life. Since Maddie hasn't done this challenge before this would be more of a noob vs pro. Rebecca teaches everybody how to do different flips and tricks in the gym. Matt receives a mysterious text from the evil or good Mr X. Matt and Robbie Rob leave for a princess date so they can work with him to make Daniel good again. Do you think this plan will work or is it a bad idea. If everything goes wrong they might have to do a battle royale. Who do you think will win this noob vs pro challenge in real life? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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  • Why do you think Mr. Nice guy gave us that creepy doll? Subscribe to join the ZAMFAM!

    Rebecca ZamoloRebecca ZamoloMånad sedan
    • Idk

      Bella PhamBella Pham18 dagar sedan
    • Rebecca Rebecca Rebecca is going to win

      Sarah CapellaSarah Capella23 dagar sedan
    • HUH?

      Louisa InglisLouisa Inglis27 dagar sedan
    • Rebecca and Maddie Robby Rob Creepy Joe.

      Juanita PadillaJuanita PadillaMånad sedan
    • It might be because Matt and Robby Rob pranked Mr. nice guy so he’s pranking you with the creepy doll

      Madelyn GamingMadelyn GamingMånad sedan
  • Rebecca are you

    Leslie AlbaneseLeslie Albanese3 minuter sedan
  • Maddie she got 10 out of 10 Roblox character maybe a one out of 10 1

    Elisa mayaElisa maya18 minuter sedan
  • Call Lynn Marie I think you are one

    Elisa mayaElisa maya19 minuter sedan
  • Yes

    Elisa mayaElisa maya21 minut sedan
  • Yes

    Elisa mayaElisa maya26 minuter sedan
  • Roblox

    Journey SmithJourney Smith31 minut sedan
  • Rebecca I think you’re gonna win

    Elisa mayaElisa maya32 minuter sedan
  • Roblox Roblox squad

    Elisa mayaElisa maya33 minuter sedan
  • Rob lox squad

    Jayla Kelly-DanielsJayla Kelly-DanielsTimme sedan
  • 6

    DV brothersDV brothers2 timmar sedan
  • Hola

    Isai OrellanaIsai Orellana2 timmar sedan
  • No

    Chris BetzChris Betz3 timmar sedan
  • Everything I want you guys can't vote go back in the mall that she's no better than anybody else

    Chris BetzChris Betz3 timmar sedan
  • 😭

    Chris BetzChris Betz3 timmar sedan
  • Yes and Na. gelatos

    Stephanie MaltererStephanie Malterer4 timmar sedan
  • Roblox squad

    FatenFaten4 timmar sedan
  • I vote Maddie

    Chaili VerboomChaili Verboom6 timmar sedan
  • Roblox squad

    Jace MartinezJace Martinez6 timmar sedan
  • Noooooo

    Chaili VerboomChaili Verboom6 timmar sedan
  • No

    Chaili VerboomChaili Verboom6 timmar sedan
  • 10 for Maddie

    Saman FarajSaman Faraj7 timmar sedan
  • rebecca

    Joms CarmonaJoms Carmona7 timmar sedan
  • I think they want to make you very mad and get goosebumps

    George DhandaGeorge Dhanda10 timmar sedan
  • Roblox squad

    Jouanna Arsan MounirJouanna Arsan Mounir11 timmar sedan
  • Rebeccaaaa

    Afnan And Amna's WorldAfnan And Amna's World12 timmar sedan
  • Rebecca

    Scarlet FeasbyScarlet Feasby14 timmar sedan
  • Rebecca Win

    Phow ThongPhow Thong16 timmar sedan
  • Rebecca

    Phow ThongPhow Thong16 timmar sedan
  • I can do a back walkover,a front walk over, an ariel,and a back handspring

    Lindsey RosasLindsey Rosas17 timmar sedan
  • Rebecca

    Selamawit GebemeskelSelamawit Gebemeskel18 timmar sedan
  • ME

    Elisa mayaElisa maya19 timmar sedan
  • Madden wins

    Michael PoolMichael Pool21 timme sedan
  • Roblox squad

    Rosy LemusRosy Lemus21 timme sedan
  • Yes &no

    Johnson GirlsJohnson Girls21 timme sedan
  • Maddie got a 10/8 and the roblox got a 10/5

    Isabella GutierrezIsabella Gutierrez22 timmar sedan
  • 10/10

    Candice EkhuemeloCandice Ekhuemelo22 timmar sedan
  • Yes

    Candice EkhuemeloCandice Ekhuemelo22 timmar sedan
  • Yes

    Candice EkhuemeloCandice Ekhuemelo22 timmar sedan
  • Rebecca

    Cameron WaltersCameron WaltersDag sedan
  • i can do a back walkover not a front because I am only 9 yrs old

    Emri HoskinsEmri HoskinsDag sedan
  • Am scared

  • Hi

    Syriah JosephSyriah JosephDag sedan
  • I can do front walk over and a back walkover

    Amelia LingardAmelia LingardDag sedan
  • the crepy doll was be hinde you

    Nada JarabaNada JarabaDag sedan
  • riulaif10000000000000000000000000.100000000000000000000000000000

    nico manninennico manninenDag sedan
  • Rebecca in the back of you at the end when Maddie was practicing I saw the creepy doll behind you

    Sofia MohaideenSofia MohaideenDag sedan
  • Rebecca Zamolo 100/100/100

    Alexis BledsoeAlexis BledsoeDag sedan
  • Ok gass😁😇

    Sandra GonzalezSandra GonzalezDag sedan
  • I can do a front walkover

    Brian MarshallBrian MarshallDag sedan
  • I think the creepy doll the creepy doll is behind you I mean it behind you I don’t know if you noticed this Rebecca but the creepy dog has been I think spying on to you so I hope you’re safe😱😱😱

    Adebayo AnthonyAdebayo AnthonyDag sedan
  • You too

    Adebayo AnthonyAdebayo AnthonyDag sedan
  • Roblox squad

    Kara WatsonKara WatsonDag sedan
  • I think give Maggie a 10 out of one end and the ducks the roblox character is standoff then then

    Vreianna Ayva De Los ReyesVreianna Ayva De Los ReyesDag sedan
  • With the cat

    Vreianna Ayva De Los ReyesVreianna Ayva De Los ReyesDag sedan
  • 9 OUT OF 10

    Joshua PiattJoshua PiattDag sedan
  • Rebecca.

    Stephanie NunezStephanie NunezDag sedan
  • Roblox squad.

    Stephanie NunezStephanie NunezDag sedan
  • But robbecca haw i can't see the join botton

    Briana May BaitaBriana May BaitaDag sedan
  • Its all of you

    Briana May BaitaBriana May BaitaDag sedan
  • I Love robbecca and all of you😍😍

    Briana May BaitaBriana May BaitaDag sedan
  • rabbeca and matt

    Kyla Isabelle AldavaKyla Isabelle AldavaDag sedan
  • Yes

    Amanda ClayAmanda ClayDag sedan
  • R

    Amanda ClayAmanda ClayDag sedan
  • 5%10

    Mr Killer2011Mr Killer2011Dag sedan
  • When you were doing a handspring the Dall was there

    Tanisha IslamTanisha Islam2 dagar sedan
  • Roblox squad

    Evie KeenEvie Keen2 dagar sedan
  • Yes I did

    Tanisha IslamTanisha Islam2 dagar sedan
  • ay can do a hanstand on a wall only:|

    Nermin KirNermin Kir2 dagar sedan
  • yes

    Emily FernandezEmily Fernandez2 dagar sedan
  • ribeka will win

    Don Aivalotis IIDon Aivalotis II2 dagar sedan
  • Because he thinks that he will scare you with it

    Chris DevriesChris Devries2 dagar sedan
  • I. No. Roblox

    J&C’s DiaryJ&C’s Diary2 dagar sedan
  • I think Maddies points are 10/10

    janille Nopaljanille Nopal2 dagar sedan
  • i can do a brige walk

    mansi gothimansi gothi2 dagar sedan
  • What if mr x did a face reviled

    Tiffany LauTiffany Lau2 dagar sedan
  • Hi At the tumble track the creeoy doll was there 10:25

    Leofe Marie D. RodriguezLeofe Marie D. Rodriguez2 dagar sedan
  • me

    Ms. brownMs. brown2 dagar sedan
  • I had acro lessons today. (Thursday)

    박유민박유민2 dagar sedan
  • No

    Penny DiazPenny Diaz2 dagar sedan
  • Roblox squad 😀

    April HardisonApril Hardison2 dagar sedan
  • I can do everything

    Kiersten McNallyKiersten McNally2 dagar sedan
  • B

    julio nievajulio nieva2 dagar sedan
  • I saw some smoke in the back round

    Chris LChris L2 dagar sedan
  • I can do both😛🥳

    Chris LChris L2 dagar sedan
  • Ok

    Cristina HogueCristina Hogue2 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca

    mr jonesmr jones2 dagar sedan
  • k Rebecca is the best SEworld channel

    childrenchildren2 dagar sedan
  • this is amazing SEworld channel

    childrenchildren2 dagar sedan
  • You

    Citlalli AmadorCitlalli Amador2 dagar sedan
  • Yes

    Citlalli AmadorCitlalli Amador2 dagar sedan
  • Rebeca

    Citlalli AmadorCitlalli Amador2 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca😀😀😅

    Crystal LacyCrystal Lacy2 dagar sedan
  • Do you harder more skills

    Delilah ArriagaDelilah Arriaga2 dagar sedan
  • Maddie gets a 10/10 and Rebecca gets a10/10

    Heather GoddardHeather Goddard2 dagar sedan
  • I can I’m on bother SEworld account that’s why it a boy but an do all

    SwiftSwift2 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca is goin to win in the hand stand contest

    Evelyn BarnetteEvelyn Barnette2 dagar sedan
  • Mande got a 5

    Sophia BecerraSophia Becerra2 dagar sedan
  • Yes

    UCD FgcUCD Fgc2 dagar sedan
  • I want Rebecca twin or Robby Rob

    Jackson CarltonJackson Carlton2 dagar sedan