Switching Places with Evil Twin for 24 Hours to Trick Best Friends! Rebecca Zamolo

5 aug 2020
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We open a dominos in our new house but RZ twin betrayed the game master network!
It first started when Rebecca Zamolo did a best friend challenge copying Sofie Dossi for 24 Hours and won a necklace with a secret code. Matt and Rebecca realized Matt's best friends memory is missing by using geometric shapes food challenge. The Game Master network then learned Rob’s missing memory in last to leave the freezing pool challenge wins. Rebecca decides to turn her house into a Domino’s pizza to help Maddie’s crush reveal secrets. RZ twin surprises Rebecca and tells her the plan about them switching places to get Robbie Rob’s emotions. Each emotion will reveal a new memory that might be help us save the game master and make him good again. Maddie gets happiness and helps her crush remember his missing memory. RZ twin tries to bring out the anger but has a secret plan. Rebecca quickly realizes it was a bad idea. Matt tries to make him sad by saying pizza hut is better. The final emotion is fear but RZ twin betrays Rebecca by giving her husbands best friend to the RHS. Can we save him or will this be an emotional goodbye? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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    • I love you video's Matt and you wife'

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  • RZ twin is not evil who else agrees like if you do

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  • Is it a lie detector thing or something

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  • Rz tween dont trust here

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  • RZ twin is evil

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  • Stay in there

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  • Yes you will get sadness

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  • RZ twin is not evil

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  • I have a little memory when I was like seven years seven years old so now I’m 18 so I had a rainbow us know when you went into the little doll house like you when you went in the eyes and I saw the green stuff what about if you take the mask off with us or old lady on the inside of the dollhouse love officer ole salt

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  • Is Robby rob agent r?

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  • Dont trast RZ twin Rebeca!

  • Dyt

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  • Your videos are AWESOME!! :D

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  • It’s so funny when rz twin to really making Robbie Rob mad

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  • make your Twin STOP!!

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  • Hi Rebecca RZ twin is with the rajes and you can not trust her.

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  • Go out

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  • Met Rebecca is in the park go to the park today and find beautiful dinner very rapid his memory in the park so yeah go so make sure you go before before and are you and Rebecca will you let the bathroom are you swim was on the phone with somebody so I think you meant to check her out you should give her like it made when he hears your pizza he was listening great he had a memory in the necklace with in the park so yeah and Mr. X so I think you might just go to the park hopefully your hair right

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  • Robbie rob don’t believe Matt Matt is just bluffing ok I also like dominos pizza 🍕 ok don’t believe Matt

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  • I'm sorry I'm to mad

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  • Who saw Matt do the Woah 👇🏼

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  • and robbie rob loves domino's

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  • i feel bad for robbie rob because they said domino's was closing

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  • Why would Becca has a twin

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  • Do you like the among us challenge I think that the among us challenge is fun

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  • By the picture

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  • Rd twin is bad

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  • He dose look like agent R

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  • I feel bad for robby rob when maddie said that agent r is better

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    • Same

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  • Rz twin is bad

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  • Rob roby is on his 3 neck

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  • I know the secret ingredient Matt its lie detector mr. Mixture

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  • ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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  • Goooo rz twin I love you

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  • this is how many people knew that Rebecca and Rz twin had switched Places

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  • Come out Rebecca of the bathroom now Or else will be will be taking forever So you better say fam even your friends but not Train And if you do I If you don't save Have a the guy is that taken you better get this Now oh I was a trying to take you and I don't want that to happen because if I was a train you be just You will be in a say spot or He will say Am I better than ever or else Okay hypnotize you

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  • Hiiiii ummm Matt put chess on the Pizza

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  • Shes tricking you but you can still trust her

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  • Roby rob is agent r

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  • Does rebecca love friendship or not because you guys are useing Robbie Rob

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  • We doing is working for the red hood spies🤔🤔

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  • Plese Rebecca don't trust RZ twin

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