New Best Friends Song Reveals Secret Hidden Cameras in House! (24 Hour Music Video Challenge)

22 feb 2020
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After Rebecca Zamolo revealed her “FIRST TIME PREGNANT WITH BEST FRIENDS! (Spending 24 Hours Revealing & Surprising my GIANT Prank)”, Matt and Rebecca posted “Our BIG SECRET REVEAL to MOM! (Spending 24 Hours Using Hacks and Tricks to Spy Prank Best Friend)”. The Real Game Master created “BREAKING INTO RZ TWIN ESCAPE ROOM to Rescue Best Friend! (Game Master Found Surprising Crush)” next Game Master incorporated posted “ESCAPING STRANGER THINGS ESCAPE ROOM in Real life! (RZ Twin vs. Best Friend Trap Surprising Crush),” and we need to prepare for the leap year. Rebecca decides to apologize to Zoe when she realizes agent M framed her with the spy camera in the water bottle. Zoe accepts Rebecca’s apology and insists on doing a new best friends song. Matt is confused why she keeps saying double words like twins. While the girls do this 24 hours song challenge the agents spy on the hacker by using the tracking device. They overhear a secret meeting that she must trade the decoder ring if she wants her pet back. Rebecca and Zoe write the song and record the original lyrics in Matt’s bedroom. I’m not sure what secret hidden message Zoe will reveal so I must pay attention. After the 24 hour challenge they quickly filmed the video and reveal the hidden secret message Zoe was wanting to say. Rebecca found a spy camera disguised as a iPhone charger. Have they been spying on us the whole time? Who is spying on us is it the game master? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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  • Hey ZamFam- What do you think Zoe wants to reveal in the Best Friends song? Let me know if you have my notifications on!! xoxo

    Rebecca ZamoloRebecca Zamolo9 månader sedan
    • Zoe's said in the song hidden cameras everywhere in your house!

      Wolfy _GachaWolfy _Gacha3 timmar sedan
    • XOXO

      Ghezlan AlmalkiGhezlan Almalki7 dagar sedan
    • I SUBSCRLBE Hi Rebecca Zamolo I love Rebecca

      Ghezlan AlmalkiGhezlan Almalki7 dagar sedan
    • Hi

      ellke lawinellke lawin16 dagar sedan
    • A secret met

      liam o'keeffeliam o'keeffe20 dagar sedan
  • Remember finding everywhere

    Ian Y 09Ian Y 09Minut sedan
  • Easily trust people

    Antonia LofajovaAntonia Lofajova7 timmar sedan
  • She's trying to tell you something

    Antonia LofajovaAntonia Lofajova7 timmar sedan
  • 😅😘🥳😏😝🥰😟😘😍🤩😇🙈🐦🐷🐱🐼🐧🐔🦊🐺🐴🐮🦄🦅🧆🌮🥫🍟🍣🥯🍚🍱🍝🌭🍔🥪❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Your my favorite SEworldr

    Ethan OwensEthan Owens8 timmar sedan
  • Because she is telling you that ther is hiden cameras in the house

    Stephanie BenechStephanie Benech8 timmar sedan
  • Hey zam Fam

    Avneet Kaur PannuAvneet Kaur Pannu11 timmar sedan
  • Nope

    Sarah AlthenayanSarah Althenayan14 timmar sedan
  • AM A 12

    user 1Ashleyuser 1Ashley17 timmar sedan
  • Pp

    Mia FindlayMia Findlay23 timmar sedan
  • There are cameras in ur house she is trying to say that

    The Moreno-Arita familyThe Moreno-Arita familyDag sedan
  • Well one time I was Wong about my friend

    vanscoymusic vanscoymusicvanscoymusic vanscoymusicDag sedan
  • I love the song

    Ningpi NingpiNingpi NingpiDag sedan
  • I wish l have a best friend

    Princess Mae YapPrincess Mae YapDag sedan
  • zeo trying to tell you there is a hidden cameras in your house

    Sumayo OmarSumayo OmarDag sedan
  • Secret note. Hidden cameras everywhere in your house!!

    Tajinder kaurTajinder kaur2 dagar sedan
  • 😂😅😞😺💕

    Wissam AmazianWissam Amazian2 dagar sedan
  • no

    Wissam AmazianWissam Amazian2 dagar sedan
  • 💏💑👪💝💖

    Wissam AmazianWissam Amazian2 dagar sedan
  • Rebeccazamolo

    Jason SethJason Seth2 dagar sedan
  • Read you a book to

    noah Segrestnoah Segrest2 dagar sedan
  • rebeca some won wess lisenning to you rebeca im not laying is true

  • there is a hidden cameras on the charger i saw it

    John GabrielJohn Gabriel2 dagar sedan
  • I did

    B. IrdieB. Irdie2 dagar sedan
  • There is hidden cameras everywhrre

    a aa a2 dagar sedan
  • Did you see it the light that was in mr. x place

    Michelle MartinezMichelle Martinez2 dagar sedan
  • Zoe's message is that there are hidden cameras everywhere

    Jaydin DewJaydin Dew2 dagar sedan
  • The hint is in the song

    Kieley UnicornKieley Unicorn3 dagar sedan
  • .

    Swati TamrakarSwati Tamrakar3 dagar sedan
  • Use your truck so I know you can trust her

  • 𝙼𝚢 𝚋𝚒𝚛𝚝𝚑𝚍𝚊𝚢 𝚒𝚜 𝚘𝚗 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚝𝚠𝚎𝚗𝚝𝚢 𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚎𝚝𝚑

    Gregory RichardsGregory Richards3 dagar sedan
  • There is Hidden cameras in your house Rebecca

  • Hidden Camera in your hause...

    vicky cadizvicky cadiz3 dagar sedan
  • That true

    Trin AdamsTrin Adams3 dagar sedan
  • no

    Zoey SmileyZoey Smiley4 dagar sedan
  • there are more hind in the safe house

    Anna ParrottAnna Parrott4 dagar sedan
  • Agents are so confused about tracking devices

    Naaz zobiaNaaz zobia4 dagar sedan
  • The gmi is watching them

    Steven SantiagoSteven Santiago4 dagar sedan
  • Who else here is like Me: OMG Rebecca posted a new vid Family: who is Rebecca

    CA - 03SN 864097 Plum Tree Park PSCA - 03SN 864097 Plum Tree Park PS5 dagar sedan
  • If you have a best friend keep reading Think how many times you have fight with them If You have 0 you are only friends If you have once you are best friends If You have 2 times you are best best friends I have 5 times so my best friend and me are best best best best best friends

    Among us is the bestAmong us is the best6 dagar sedan
  • She

    Magaby BritoMagaby Brito6 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca there are hidden cameras

    Pamela BrownfieldPamela Brownfield6 dagar sedan
  • Cameras in your house

    omar barakatomar barakat6 dagar sedan
  • Zoey is giving rebecca a hint

    Maxine worldMaxine world6 dagar sedan
  • Hidden cameras everywhere in your house

    Gurjit SinghGurjit Singh6 dagar sedan

    Geraldine LlegoGeraldine Llego6 dagar sedan
  • 😍💖💖💖💖💖💖💗💗💗💗💗💕💕💕💕💕💓💓💓❤️❤️❤️❤️💗

    Jhaycee PanganibanJhaycee Panganiban6 dagar sedan
  • Hidden camera everywhere in your house

    B SB S6 dagar sedan
  • hi

    Payton VellegasPayton Vellegas7 dagar sedan
  • There was two hidden cameras two of them put cameras

    Madison RehbergMadison Rehberg7 dagar sedan
  • I think zoey is trying to say camras are everywhere

    Courtey RamosCourtey Ramos7 dagar sedan
  • I kinda

    Princess PeytonPrincess Peyton7 dagar sedan
  • I think BBR is pretty cute

    akasha guptaakasha gupta7 dagar sedan
  • Zowe is gud

    Karinha Robles RamirezKarinha Robles Ramirez7 dagar sedan
  • M is evol m kat be krusd

    Karinha Robles RamirezKarinha Robles Ramirez7 dagar sedan
  • It’s for the best to move

    Simon HanrahanSimon Hanrahan8 dagar sedan

    Simon HanrahanSimon Hanrahan8 dagar sedan
  • Qa

    Frieda HardyFrieda Hardy8 dagar sedan
  • ok

    Neaveh PowersNeaveh Powers8 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca I know what's going needs to tell you though is trying to help you because someone put a security camera

    chyntia tabakianchyntia tabakian8 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca: let me grab her... Me: 😳

    Teja ZelenikTeja Zelenik8 dagar sedan
  • I like the music video it's awesome

    Shannon PrejeanShannon Prejean8 dagar sedan
  • Salam

    Afia NoorAfia Noor9 dagar sedan
  • G

    Gamerkid123 GoGamerkid123 Go9 dagar sedan
  • hi rebecca

    TTAAMMIIMM 334TTAAMMIIMM 3349 dagar sedan
  • I watched these video

    kanaan ghazalkanaan ghazal9 dagar sedan
  • I love you and your Videos

    Leo RiveraLeo Rivera9 dagar sedan
  • Gum. Noo🔪🚑🥬❄️❄️

    2 12 19 dagar sedan
  • Rebbeca is cool sing wow

    Darwin.urbano28 Darwin.urbano28Darwin.urbano28 Darwin.urbano289 dagar sedan
  • some won is listening to you matt and Rebecca

    Nata TaingNata Taing9 dagar sedan
  • she tinks some won is in your hose

    Nata TaingNata Taing9 dagar sedan
  • Natalie

    Remon WageehRemon Wageeh10 dagar sedan
  • awwwwwwwwwwwwwww poor matt

    Miranda MahanMiranda Mahan10 dagar sedan
  • Shes repeating herself because hiddine camras are in your house

    Miranda MahanMiranda Mahan10 dagar sedan
  • I love frozen

    socorro garciasocorro garcia10 dagar sedan
  • Story she been having a coup in the music video she's been trying to tell you about it but she can't is going to be in the music video

    Anthony CorentinAnthony Corentin11 dagar sedan
    • What?

      Sharifah ShafiSharifah Shafi10 dagar sedan
  • I Do

    Leslie SabanovichLeslie Sabanovich11 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    Mykela MuscavitzMykela Muscavitz11 dagar sedan
  • 12:43 matt’s face lolololololol

    Ann LeongAnn Leong11 dagar sedan
  • Hidden cameras everywhere in your house

    cherish priellacherish priella11 dagar sedan
  • Zoey is sus

    SaHaR OsMaNSaHaR OsMaN11 dagar sedan
  • There is cameras in your house

    Steve VinsonSteve Vinson11 dagar sedan
  • 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔. 😅😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Kaylee SmithKaylee Smith11 dagar sedan
  • I did!!!

    RRR DDDRRR DDD11 dagar sedan

    Carly EdwardsCarly Edwards12 dagar sedan
  • Zoey is hiding a secret message

    andrew dobbinsandrew dobbins12 dagar sedan
  • Ashaan123

    Ayeesha PrasadAyeesha Prasad12 dagar sedan
  • the message was :hidden cameras eveywhere in your house. (50+)

    majid pakir mohammedmajid pakir mohammed12 dagar sedan
  • it is a maeshdid

    Loving JaguarLoving Jaguar12 dagar sedan
  • Yes I saw the cameras

    Rey MarquinaRey Marquina12 dagar sedan
  • If u see this I was a fan This time so yeah don’t say I wasn’t so I’m just really bored and I saw this and was just watching

    Stacey HangStacey Hang13 dagar sedan
  • The one with the baby bear rat put a camera in Rebecca's room

    Kashif SamuelKashif Samuel13 dagar sedan
  • bye 👋

    Shahana BegumShahana Begum13 dagar sedan
  • Question what is the what is the

    Shahana BegumShahana Begum13 dagar sedan
  • Oh yeah hmmmm

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  • M :3 is Evil 👿

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  • Bye now

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  • she is met

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  • creepy boll

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