Giant Barbie In Real Life Challenge! We Turned Our Safe House into a Dollhouse Home! (Boys vs Girls)

7 mar 2020
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After Rebecca Zamolo spent 24 Hours HANDCUFFED To HACKER in My HOUSE! Testing Viral TikTok Life Hacks to escape Good Vs. Evil
Matt and Rebecca uploaded “Rebecca’s Emergency Trip to Hospital! Letting Subscribers Decide New House! (Hacks Fail Challenge)” The Real Game Master created RZ Twin is in Trouble! Spending 24 Hours with Game Master In Real Life Hacker Escape Room Prank, then the Game Master incorporated posted “Convincing My BEST FRIEND to be EVIL (Trapping Agent for 24 hours in Secret Escape Room)”, now Rebecca decides to turn the safe house into a Barbie Dream home in real life. Rebecca creates the worst challenge for Matt so he’ll agree to buy her dream house. Rebecca and Zoe make pink DIY arts and crafts to set up the Barbie room. The Agents think this is a giant prank and arrive with the hand crafted Cake. Agent R slips and falls which is surprisingly awkward. Agent S tries to help him pick up the cake but we don’t know if we can trust him after Scooby Doo in real life at the Haunted Hacker Mansion. Once everything is all set her Husband Matt arrives and the prank wars start. He gets upset but learns the code word for House. Can Matt and Rebecca keep the game master secret safe? The challenge starts and Matt wins the first one but doesn’t test the desert. Next is the last to leave challenge in the bedroom but agent R keeps on farting so it is difficult. Zoe and Agent R are the last to fall and he quickly quits leaving Zoe the winner. She uses spy gadgets and calculates that the final challenge will be difficult. It's a weird beauty hacks outdoor challenge with easy to ride bycicles. Who will win the challenges and can Rebecca get her Barbie dream home in real life? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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  • Hey ZamFam- Who do you think will win this BARBIE challenge BOYS or GIRLS? Can we get 50k thumbs up in 24 hours!!!

    Rebecca ZamoloRebecca Zamolo8 månader sedan
    • Barbie gril

      Lilita VarelaLilita VarelaMånad sedan
    • I see a girl Drouin

      Peter BeggsPeter BeggsMånad sedan
    • I love this 😀 ❤

      Miki HumphreyMiki HumphreyMånad sedan
    • Hi

      Mika RichardsMika RichardsMånad sedan
    • Rebecca Zamolo girl teen girl teen girl team girl

      Joel ValenzuelaJoel Valenzuela2 månader sedan
  • Girls win

    Araceli De jesusAraceli De jesus4 timmar sedan
  • Matt was saying weird stuff when you were doing the Barbie dream house old house

    Br GriBr Gri4 timmar sedan
  • AsianRebecca's getting a new home

    alex hebertalex hebert4 timmar sedan
  • 1 houes

    Dionne EllisDionne Ellis6 timmar sedan
  • Use your power

    Abbie McFarlandAbbie McFarland6 timmar sedan
  • Am using my dad's phone but Rebecca said see my house

    Raydan ChuaRaydan Chua22 timmar sedan
  • You sede see

    Isabella IshikawaIsabella IshikawaDag sedan
  • bloblob

    Jeremy FreundJeremy FreundDag sedan
  • LOL

    Jen BazanJen BazanDag sedan
  • Hi

    Mariana RamirezMariana Ramirez2 dagar sedan
  • Yer

    xXNono GachaxXxXNono GachaxX2 dagar sedan
  • Girl power

    Akeisha BlackAkeisha Black2 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca said So i see my dream home But what she really mean is to get her dream home

    Singthuam ThawmteSingthuam Thawmte2 dagar sedan
  • Gray

    Phoenix CollinsPhoenix Collins2 dagar sedan
  • Oliver Grey

    Phoenix CollinsPhoenix Collins2 dagar sedan
  • Oliver

    Phoenix CollinsPhoenix Collins2 dagar sedan
  • Beautiful Barbie

    Madelyn AcevedoMadelyn Acevedo3 dagar sedan
  • Is Agent R like Maddie?

    Giuliana MesserGiuliana Messer3 dagar sedan
  • I LOVE YOU and I love pick

    Troy BesterTroy Bester3 dagar sedan
  • tresae

  • You said see and buy

    Antonia LofajovaAntonia Lofajova3 dagar sedan
  • Everyone doing the challenge I need to find this I need to find it’s me watching the video doing the savage love TickTock dance parents the TickTock dance that I have stuck in my head

    Serendipity Piques-SteevesSerendipity Piques-Steeves3 dagar sedan

    Zandré Janse van VuurenZandré Janse van Vuuren3 dagar sedan
  • Barba b for Barbie a for Anna r for ruby b for Bianca a for aannabelle

    Robert JohnsRobert Johns3 dagar sedan
  • the Last to lev your room.

    Kacie MccoyKacie Mccoy4 dagar sedan
  • Get your dreem home today.

    Kacie MccoyKacie Mccoy4 dagar sedan
  • Love your vids

    panda123 Agnepanda123 Agne4 dagar sedan
  • go girls

    Karen RhoadesKaren Rhoades4 dagar sedan
  • hollo

    Samsung TabeSamsung Tabe4 dagar sedan
  • Barbie lazy

    Olivia OliveOlivia Olive5 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    Epic KittenEpic Kitten5 dagar sedan
  • it will be lol

    EN GallegosEN Gallegos5 dagar sedan
  • i am on my dads akaot

    Ed SedenkaEd Sedenka5 dagar sedan
  • hi

    Ed SedenkaEd Sedenka5 dagar sedan
  • Bubble the doll move in my name would be serenity you get it my name is actually Serenity but I am serenity I love your videos I watched it probably ties twice a day and I love you so much and I want to and I like your dog's I like Blackjack and peanut are really cool and I like you guys doing this video cuz it's really fun I love it because I think your your cousin she go and you Rebecca and your whole family can go to today in koream that's where we went by Rebecca by peanut by Blackjack by everybody

    Tiara MoodyTiara Moody6 dagar sedan
  • Girls is the best

    Dainey-Ann DaleyDainey-Ann Daley6 dagar sedan
  • Matt evil

    jesus velasquezjesus velasquez6 dagar sedan
  • Melissa Shah

    Jose MJose M6 dagar sedan
  • ki ki

    Renee CollinsRenee Collins6 dagar sedan
  • yes

    Jaylynn RoseJaylynn Rose6 dagar sedan
  • yo yo dogs 🐕

    Breeanna LarsenBreeanna Larsen7 dagar sedan
  • No you didn’t😂🤣

    KOMONORSKOMONORS7 dagar sedan
  • Matt you look so funny 👇👇Mabey thumbs up

    Teddy STeddy S7 dagar sedan
  • No buy

    Esther LugoEsther Lugo7 dagar sedan
  • Use it

    Esther LugoEsther Lugo7 dagar sedan
  • Buy

    Kylie CowansKylie Cowans7 dagar sedan
  • My name would be don’t by the fixer upper

    Chaley GrahamChaley Graham7 dagar sedan
  • Matt would go crazy

    Siddiqur ChowdhurySiddiqur Chowdhury7 dagar sedan
  • Girl team needs to win

    Siddiqur ChowdhurySiddiqur Chowdhury7 dagar sedan
  • Peanut and black Jack

    Kyla McCulloughKyla McCullough7 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca zamolo i like your name do you know adam and justin

    Megumi MacamMegumi Macam7 dagar sedan
  • Matt will be MAD

    Santiago CervantesSantiago Cervantes8 dagar sedan
  • You reached more than your goal

    Santiago CervantesSantiago Cervantes8 dagar sedan
  • He will be mad

    ROBLOX FUNROBLOX FUN8 dagar sedan
  • Teresa

    03tada03tada8 dagar sedan
  • Camiel

    Rblx DiddleRoseRblx DiddleRose8 dagar sedan
  • My Barbie name will be plasticamna

    Barbie Dream house role playBarbie Dream house role play8 dagar sedan
  • Chicken nugget barbie

    Clem BranleyClem Branley8 dagar sedan
  • 👋 hi

    Abdulla Osama Ibrahim Hasan AlaliAbdulla Osama Ibrahim Hasan Alali9 dagar sedan
  • Is it work like 70 80 degrees in the house

    jolteon unboxingsjolteon unboxings9 dagar sedan
  • My Barbie name would be riot and my nickname would be Rye Rye

    jolteon unboxingsjolteon unboxings9 dagar sedan
  • team girl

    Ellery NeufeldEllery Neufeld9 dagar sedan
  • MY NAME would be karen

  • Do a part two

    Nisha SainiNisha Saini9 dagar sedan

    Kevin RomeroKevin Romero9 dagar sedan
  • Sara

    Uma NaiduUma Naidu10 dagar sedan
  • The girls need to win.😀😀

    Cassandra RidgewellCassandra Ridgewell10 dagar sedan
  • i new you will win !!!!!

    Gianna MaffucciGianna Maffucci10 dagar sedan
  • Lile

    Patrick McCaskillPatrick McCaskill10 dagar sedan
  • No 🥛

    Prudence KhumaloPrudence Khumalo10 dagar sedan
  • Mine barbie name wold be Alex

    InquisitorMasterInquisitorMaster10 dagar sedan
  • wow this is so cool

    official_ jayofficial_ jay10 dagar sedan
  • Matt cheated ya Rebecca win

    Sowmya AdithiSowmya Adithi11 dagar sedan
  • yes

  • Mat will be mad!

    Martha MartindaleMartha Martindale11 dagar sedan
  • My Barbie name would be a Lily

    Martha MartindaleMartha Martindale11 dagar sedan
  • if i was barbie my name would be lilly from 2020

    Maria VivianMaria Vivian11 dagar sedan
  • Pickles

    Kelly MarshKelly Marsh11 dagar sedan
  • My barbie name would be sogamia

    Tiffany OefingerTiffany Oefinger11 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca said see

    Mary joe AdameMary joe Adame11 dagar sedan
  • I have a Barbie doll ballerina

    Lisa KowlessarLisa Kowlessar11 dagar sedan
  • Y girls WIN not boys 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Redim NoyorRedim Noyor12 dagar sedan
  • Polieaft4

    Aleigha FaithAleigha Faith12 dagar sedan
  • Ab

    Kambrie CoffelKambrie Coffel12 dagar sedan
  • Yes

    Super SSuper S12 dagar sedan
  • Yes

    Super SSuper S12 dagar sedan
  • I don’t want that Barbie fixer-upper

    tara hookstara hooks12 dagar sedan
  • Very mad

    Alston McCallAlston McCall12 dagar sedan
    • I don’t care about everything else I just want to hang in my room all day and do nothing about anything else to do over here can I get so bored or anything else

      According To KennedyAccording To Kennedy8 dagar sedan
    • No thanks thanks again thanks love love text ya thanks love love text me tomorrow morning or later today I know you’re going not gonna is a great day tomorrow iI’ll i has been an fun night for dinner and I love love and I’ll see if I’ll text text later thanks text me tomorrow I’ll pick up tomorrow thanks for the dinner text me thanks love ya I’ll see ya tomorrow thanks love ya I’ll see ya ya today and thanks love love you too I’ll see ya tomorrow thanks I’ll text ya tomorrow I’ll text you when I wanna I’ll let ya go thanks I’ll text you tomorrow thanks love you text me tomorrow thanks love love text you you know I’ll see if I

      According To KennedyAccording To Kennedy8 dagar sedan
    • How many videos are they gonna is a free game for me today not playing it too much time and I don’t want it to happen I’ll get it to you tomorrow thanks for the text ya know thanks Call me tomorrow thanks for let let ya go out and let me see ya later today I’ll text you when I wanna morning thanks love ya I’ll text you tomorrow thanks I’ll let you get me tomorrow I’ll let let me pick up up some stuff I’ll let ya know later I’ll pick you later I’ll pick up up tomorrow night

      According To KennedyAccording To Kennedy8 dagar sedan
  • Girls girls🥰

    Alston McCallAlston McCall12 dagar sedan
  • meme

    Elizabeth AlvaradoElizabeth Alvarado12 dagar sedan
  • Obviously Matt would be mad

    Emo GirlEmo Girl12 dagar sedan
  • Hi Rebecca am I aloud to join the giveaway? And also can I try get a mini iPad if u can thank u so much!

    Faizah OdusFaizah Odus12 dagar sedan
  • Mm little pony unicorn barbie hohihi

    Joanne LazoJoanne Lazo12 dagar sedan
  • mi name is poo

    Lisa BrownLisa Brown12 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca how long is the agent at you're back

    princess cute gachaprincess cute gacha12 dagar sedan
  • 6:18 was the funniest... when Zoey said "u can say it again" He reapted it again lol

    nedunchelian pattangalinedunchelian pattangali12 dagar sedan
    • Thanks for the likes

      nedunchelian pattangalinedunchelian pattangali6 dagar sedan
  • yes

    Bilal AlkurdiBilal Alkurdi12 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca said see

    Kidung Dahayu Wikaningtyas [SD 2]Kidung Dahayu Wikaningtyas [SD 2]13 dagar sedan
  • popppoop

    Jose GuzmanJose Guzman13 dagar sedan