Giant HOME ALONE Trap inside DOLLHOUSE in Real Life! Rebecca Zamolo

18 sep 2020
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Rebecca is home alone! Recreating funny girl pranks on the boys!
Rebecca Zamolo created best magic trick wins while going undercover as funny magician in RHS tea party. Matt and Rebecca uploaded I face my biggest fear and used 15 ways to escape and defend your house. The Game Master network made I used infrared cameras to find spy in our house hide and seek Challenge IRL. Rebecca is home alone to finish setting up the traps and pranks. The sneak attack squad must defend their home against the RHS. Matt goes undercover in disguise to trick Mr. Nice guy and trade Rebecca’s hacker watch for the safe. Maddie hacks into the RHS secret location but is trapped by a shining. RZ twin helps her escape and tells her secret information about Daniel. Rebecca notices that the evil hackers and spies are trying to break into the house. She quickly resets all of the traps to be more girly. Since they are all boys they will create awkward situations that are funny and distracting. It will be just like the real home alone movie but in real life in Rebecca’s house. Meanwhile Matt steals the safe and keeps the spy watch from Mr Nice guy. Maddie has a secret meeting with RZ Twin and he says to push the button, you can’t trust Daniel. Rebecca finishes all of the pranks and practical jokes on the rhs when they wake up in the movie theater in dresses. Do you think it was all a trap or will everyone be safe? Who is controlling all of this? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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  • I didn't expect this! What was your favorite prank and why?

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    • I like your videos Eva Rebecca and Matt and Maddy

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    • Who’s the camera man

      The Real Cool Studio BrosThe Real Cool Studio BrosMånad sedan
    • All pranks

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  • Great

  • Giant doll house squad

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  • Oh no you better not let that happen that is bad You are my favorite youtuber Rebecca the molo and matt

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  • Giant dollhouse sqauddddddd!

    MSN FadumoMSN Fadumo20 timmar sedan
  • RHS why do they think Rebecca is so SCARED?

    Sicily FrumkesSicily Frumkes22 timmar sedan
  • 16:33

    Jefferson Avelar10Jefferson Avelar1023 timmar sedan
  • it was just your idea

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  • matt is working for mr x

    LD JJLD JJDag sedan
  • Why is Daniel being so nice to Maddie

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  • Oxycodone with Robin Roberts got against you so icy I saw your video so I kicked it out and I remember I want you last video where it had that sell Mooney right so so why do you all had a guava suit on I'm saying he might be he might be okay

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  • Rebecca has a crush on Robbie Rob

    IPADS WorkIPADS Work2 dagar sedan
  • Lily so you go to bed at night you love you so much. Rebecca has a crush on Robbie Rob so much.😘

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  • Im so late :/ How was yalls day?

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  • The con fete one because is funny.

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  • Girls go to College to get more knowledge boys go to Jupiter. To get more stupiter

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  • My favorite prank is when the RHS was in dresses because it was funny and they should not make fun of girls .

    Kaydence HensleyKaydence Hensley3 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca zamolo SEworld girls and girls are not weak girls are not weak girls are not weak girls are not weak girls are not weak

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  • ىذرر.

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  • giant dollhouse squad.

  • Rebecca it's true girls are better than boys

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  • Rebecca the guy who is always sells of stuff a little with a mask with the Lego mask stole your TV that’s why you can’t oh that’s why you can’t I’ll give away it

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  • I like the glue prank because they took thier Socks off and the one with the pink sock he is making fun of girls and he is wearing pink

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  • Rebecca I like when you was holding that leaf blower it like it was too big for your hands and then was blowing everywhere and it blowed Matt wig off

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  • Hi Rebecca I'm the game master you got to defeat me and I'm the one who let you stay home alone I am bad hahaha hahahaha

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