Creepy Doll Surprises Rebecca with Punishments for 24 Hours!

10 okt 2020
5 076 806 visningar

Rebecca Zamolo created the best dance moms wins $10,000 challenge and the creepy doll appeared. Matt and Rebecca then competed in a hot vs cold creepy doll Halloween challenge with girls on fire vs icy boy. The game master network tried 5 ways to destroy a creepy doll but she is evil. Rebecca and her cousin Maddie get punishments from the creepy doll for not letting her control my life. Rebecca and matt wake up to a giant snake on their bed but must not scream. The snake slithers to Maddie’s room and she thinks it’s a prank by matt. Matt is searching for our dogs since they are missing and throws the creepy doll into the tunnel. Once the dogs are no longer missing Matt gets a call from a mystery person and goes missing. Rebecca tries eating breakfast but worms and cockroaches are in her food. Maddie tries to eat and gets pickles which is her biggest fear. Next Maddie is trapped in the movie theater for 24 hours. Do you think Daniel is doing this? Rebecca gets trapped in the movie theater as well and her best friend song with Alice is playing. Is this a huge trick or surprise. Can Rebecca and Maddie escape this challenge or will they continue to get surprised by the creepy doll forever? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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