We Tested Viral Tik Tok Challenges & Life Hacks to Reveal Maddie’s Crush Secret!

30 jul 2020
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The best Rebecca Zamolo tik toks in 2020 are used to reveal the name of the mystery youtuber.
Rebecca Zamolo was eating only one color food challenge for 24 hours and it was a bad idea. Then Matt and Rebecca tried copying my best friend for a 24 hours challenge and did a face reveal on a new twin crush. Before that, the Game Master network competed in an extreme bite, lick or nothing food challenge to get truth about the RHS. Now, Matt has a secret meeting with RZ twin at the tunnel and she tells him the game master is bad. Rebecca and Maddie start tricking Robbie Rob using viral tik tok tricks to help him get his memory back. To make the best Rebecca Zamolo tik toks she uses a water bottle magic trick and he begins to draw. Her cousin Maddie tries a water balloon tiktok challenge and if he wins he gets a first kiss. Next they test some DIY life hacks and Rebecca tries a giant watermelon hack with soda. Robbie Rob draws a SEworld logo and a mystery youtuber. Then, Maddie and her crush test spy hacks with black light clues and escape being locked up. Rebecca and Maddie trick Robbie Rob and push him into the pool to get a name reveal of the drawing. He says the youtuber is contortionist Sofie Dossi so Rebecca calls her. What secret information do you think Sofie will reveal? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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  • What do you think Robbie Rob is drawing? Thanks to all of you that helped us with his visions in my last video! SUBSCRIBE IF YOU HAVEN'T!!

    Rebecca ZamoloRebecca Zamolo3 månader sedan
    • @Mickela Bansie KkkkkkkKKKKKKKLLLlLlLllkKKkkKkKkA

      Ariel MartinezAriel Martinez15 dagar sedan
    • Hi

      Melav adelMelav adel15 dagar sedan
    • Are u pregnant

      DinxDinx29 dagar sedan
    • 0⁰⁰0⁰⁰000⁰como d wfg k ñ in ZZZ

      Akane DiazAkane DiazMånad sedan
    • Rebeca is the best

      Marcela ReyesMarcela Reyes2 månader sedan
  • NO

    Akia SpiveyAkia Spivey3 timmar sedan
  • robbie robs drawing was sofia dossi

    Angelina MosleyAngelina Mosley3 timmar sedan
  • No

    Tirteal AbdelkarimTirteal Abdelkarim8 timmar sedan
  • Hi Rebecca zamolo

  • redeccea are you pregnant

    makesha Hindsmakesha Hinds9 timmar sedan
  • The SEworldr Sofie dossi

    Sheliya BartlettSheliya Bartlett14 timmar sedan
  • Sophie dosi and that square with a triangle that shows youtube

    Obakeng MachengObakeng Macheng16 timmar sedan
  • hi rebecca

    Noor AlmutlaqNoor AlmutlaqDag sedan
  • Robby Rob is drawing Sofie Dossi because Sophie Dossie have curly hair and he draw a curly hair

    Andrea HumphriesAndrea HumphriesDag sedan
  • Here's another word from me it is Sofie your best friend Rebecca remember her

    Jessica McdonaldJessica McdonaldDag sedan
  • Rebecca I am warning you he is drawing a girl SEworldr

    Jessica McdonaldJessica McdonaldDag sedan
  • sophy dose

    Caitlin SkillingsCaitlin SkillingsDag sedan
  • atually he drawing sofie dossi

    Avery HolsAvery HolsDag sedan
  • ROBBIE ROB IS DRAWING mr. nice guy

    Avery HolsAvery HolsDag sedan
  • this is sofie dossi u need to make youtube video with her

    Ajit JhaAjit Jha2 dagar sedan
  • and rebbeca you will need to take that necklace from her because you need to take that four dight code that is on her necklace

    Yolanda BravoYolanda Bravo2 dagar sedan
  • Robbie Rob is drawing soffie dossi because he is going to give a necklace like a circle

    Yolanda BravoYolanda Bravo2 dagar sedan
  • I think Robbie Rob's vision is sofie dossi because the triangle in the square is you tube, the girl has curly hair like sofie and he said sofie at the end.

    Tamzyn BakkerTamzyn Bakker2 dagar sedan
  • Maddie you are a trader

  • its your sister mabbie

    Ibrahim BayoIbrahim Bayo3 dagar sedan
  • it is sofie dossi and a youtube play botton

    Landry RayLandry Ray3 dagar sedan

    jessica Barnesjessica Barnes4 dagar sedan
  • Rredy

    Aubrey BradleyAubrey Bradley5 dagar sedan
  • Sadly,zdshdshgdan

    Aubrey BradleyAubrey Bradley5 dagar sedan
  • Sofie yt

    almasa dzanicalmasa dzanic5 dagar sedan
  • Gril youtube

    almasa dzanicalmasa dzanic5 dagar sedan
  • When Matt said you're showing already that kind of confused me because I'm like is she really pregnant and then she like oh is it tick tock and I was like she trying she to hide it

    Jocelyn loveyJocelyn lovey6 dagar sedan
  • Who saw the Rhs at the dooor

    Faze Woof woofFaze Woof woof6 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca your so dumb because you could of done cold water and red marker

    俊王俊王6 dagar sedan
  • Sofie dossie

    Giuliana MesserGiuliana Messer6 dagar sedan
  • You should do last to leave your phone 📱 win $10,000

    Giuliana MesserGiuliana Messer6 dagar sedan
  • That's Sophie Dossi!

    Maggie RobertsMaggie Roberts6 dagar sedan
  • He is drawing Sofie dossi

    Sophia Richa - EIS CE2Sophia Richa - EIS CE26 dagar sedan
  • When you where dancing i saw a red hood spy

    Laura HaddadLaura Haddad6 dagar sedan
  • im angry when maddie prank rebecca

    Pestano FamilyPestano Family7 dagar sedan
  • he did have a vejhn abate the bbi

    Amiyah DossAmiyah Doss7 dagar sedan
  • I'm Rebecca you you did ask if we could see the visions no we cannot see the visions I don't know why

    melanie genismelanie genis7 dagar sedan
  • Did you see the red hood spy there when they were doing the dance at the beginning of the dances THE RHS WAS LOOKING THROUGH THE WINDOWS OF THE DOORRRR

    Lylah BurgessLylah Burgess7 dagar sedan
  • Robby Rob was actually drawing Mr.nice guy

  • hi rebecca i mass you

    HC - 02VM 891786 Ellwood Memorial PSHC - 02VM 891786 Ellwood Memorial PS8 dagar sedan
  • R.R was drawing a girl and the square with triangle is the youtube logo so the girl is a SEworldr and the name he said sophie like the youtuber sophie dossi its something tjat invalves her probubly

    Veronica RUCOBOVeronica RUCOBO8 dagar sedan
  • The drawing is

    Quinn WeisenmillerQuinn Weisenmiller8 dagar sedan
  • Clock and agent r also had a clock

    princess cute gachaprincess cute gacha8 dagar sedan
  • Robbie Rob have a

    princess cute gachaprincess cute gacha8 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    AK HerreraAK Herrera8 dagar sedan
  • becca what robie rob drew it was sofie dossi i think im not sure

    Arabella BravoArabella Bravo9 dagar sedan
  • Sophie dossie

    Yoshlan NaidooYoshlan Naidoo9 dagar sedan
  • Water balloon 🎈

    Manuel PonceManuel Ponce10 dagar sedan
  • Who is the lucky one in the back and now I am Mr. who is all those people in a

    Jacey GrossJacey Gross10 dagar sedan
  • A red hood spy is watching you guys at the bbq! Be careful Matt Rebecca and Maddie!

    Kaylah MatosKaylah Matos10 dagar sedan
  • SEworldr

    i ki k10 dagar sedan
  • Robbie Rob really has a crush on Maddie!

    Ella Ferine SalongaElla Ferine Salonga10 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca zamolo matt 30th of my friends and family are all well and that is not valid for a while to get the best way forward for

    PerpetuaPerpetua11 dagar sedan
  • Rob

    PerpetuaPerpetua11 dagar sedan
  • Matt and Rebecca zamolo vs

    PerpetuaPerpetua11 dagar sedan
  • It's Mrs nice guy

    Jasmine YeowellJasmine Yeowell12 dagar sedan
  • Becca do you want me to tell you my address no no no no no can you give me a like can I win the iPhone please I’m 10 years old

  • That triangular which was in a square that looked like a youtube playboton

    Parents of Mishthi GuptaParents of Mishthi Gupta12 dagar sedan
  • rebecca robie rob dru giri its sofey dosy

    Najla HNajla H13 dagar sedan
  • I saw the red hood spy’s about to go in the tunnel system

    Sammy SanchezSammy Sanchez13 dagar sedan
  • Robby Rob is drawing Sofie dossi

    Toni BeckerToni Becker13 dagar sedan
  • Robbie Rob was talking about Sofie dossi and the button was SEworld

    Ledya BLedya B13 dagar sedan
  • cool matty

    memelol salehmemelol saleh13 dagar sedan
  • 🏡🙅

    Jian ZJian Z14 dagar sedan
  • I know what is robie Rob drawing it's sofi dosi and a pic of SEworldr

    Tres EllureTres Ellure14 dagar sedan
  • Brittany is his ex-girlfriend

    Heather KiblerHeather Kibler15 dagar sedan
  • Brittany was his ex-girlfriend

    Heather KiblerHeather Kibler15 dagar sedan
  • Hello please

    Heather KiblerHeather Kibler15 dagar sedan
  • A Rebecca zamolo popsocket that has a cupcake on it

    Heather KiblerHeather Kibler15 dagar sedan
  • Angry Baker can you send me a popsocket for free please one of yours

    Heather KiblerHeather Kibler15 dagar sedan
  • The girl that Robby Rob is drawing is Sofie dossi

    Sarah BurksSarah Burks15 dagar sedan
  • I think it is a man and a youtube logo

    Amina BeshirAmina Beshir15 dagar sedan
  • sofie

    Cyann HouryCyann Houry15 dagar sedan
  • he is drawing soffe

    Cyann HouryCyann Houry15 dagar sedan
    • sofie

      Cyann HouryCyann Houry15 dagar sedan
  • Sofie Dossi

    iannone cameroniannone cameron15 dagar sedan
  • its sofie dossie

    Veronica ThapaVeronica Thapa15 dagar sedan
  • Wait matt said" wait Rebecca you're showing already "

    yesenia Antunezyesenia Antunez16 dagar sedan
    • Did u see the whole video

      Kimberly BuckworthKimberly Buckworth8 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca are you really pregnant??

    Mohd Salman Rabbani bin ShamlinMohd Salman Rabbani bin Shamlin16 dagar sedan
  • Sofia Dossy

    Bonnie WyattBonnie Wyatt16 dagar sedan
  • A red hood spy was spying on you behind the grill

    Bonnie WyattBonnie Wyatt16 dagar sedan
  • I think it is a girl SEworldr

    Bonnie WyattBonnie Wyatt16 dagar sedan
  • The red hood spies were spying on you

    Shannon FoltzShannon Foltz16 dagar sedan
  • I think the bottom one is a play button

    Shannon FoltzShannon Foltz16 dagar sedan
  • The girl that Robin Roberts Johnny is Sofie dossi

    Amanda TuckerAmanda Tucker16 dagar sedan

    Amy MansleyAmy Mansley16 dagar sedan
  • you ar the besd youtubers

    Avah QuiggAvah Quigg17 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    Greg O connorGreg O connor17 dagar sedan
  • Who thinks rebecca is pregnant because Matt said your showing already

    Yurianna QuevedoYurianna Quevedo17 dagar sedan
  • rob rob is drawing soffe dose

    vinny intrudervinny intruder17 dagar sedan
  • Why did robie rob say you can tiy me up madfie said not like that

    Jaymz LovleyJaymz Lovley17 dagar sedan
  • Some

    nat paveynat pavey17 dagar sedan
  • Sophie daisy

    nat paveynat pavey17 dagar sedan
  • I think it is Maddy sister Rachel

    Mariana Frutis-laraMariana Frutis-lara18 dagar sedan
  • Sofie dossi

    Haven MaharajHaven Maharaj18 dagar sedan
  • The drawing is the creepy call and a camera

    Ryan PrattRyan Pratt18 dagar sedan
  • Robbie rob is drowing sohpei dosy

    Panda BeraPanda Bera19 dagar sedan
  • RHS

    Shanayia JaglalShanayia Jaglal19 dagar sedan
  • i thnink its a girl

    nightmare 711nightmare 71119 dagar sedan

    xi yuxi yu20 dagar sedan