Rebecca's Best Friend Leaves Game Master Network Forever in Disney Princess Challenge!

9 aug 2020
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Rebecca Zamolo is emotional when her cousin Maddie leaves the GMN.
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Rebecca Zamolo made a giant inside out movie in real life to save lost memories. Matt and Rebecca then realized Maddie's Crush might not make it and an emotional goodbye to best friend would happen. The Game Master network did a last to leave the freezing pool challenge wins for Robbie Rob’s missing memory. Maddie is mad at her cousin Rebecca for lying. Rebecca decides to surprise Maddie with a Disney princess tea party in hopes she’ll forgive her. A mysterious RHS sneaks into the bedroom to reveal secret information. Robbie Rob gets in disguise and sneaks into a secret meeting with the Red Hood Spies. Rebecca then surprises her best friend with a new iphone 11 pro max and she forgives her. They both do a tik tok challenge but Rebecca steals her phone. The RHS take RR into a secret room and lock the door. Matt calls his wife Rebecca because he doesn’t know what’s inside. The wrong person picks up and Maddie is finished. She packs up and leaves the game master forever. Will she ever come back? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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  • If you want robbie rob to go attend the secret meeting,how bout you attend the secret meeting🤨🤨

    Jaylevonie KostkaJaylevonie KostkaMinut sedan
  • ☺☺☺☺☺😊😊😊😊😳😳😳☺☺☺☺😳😳😳😁😁😁😁😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😁😁😁

  • Maddie is talking to the RHS

    sunita nayyarsunita nayyar3 timmar sedan
  • Maddie was talking with A red her

    Lizzy MenjivarLizzy Menjivar5 timmar sedan
  • Red prs

    Jesus NavarroJesus Navarro10 timmar sedan
    • Black guys

      Jesus NavarroJesus Navarro10 timmar sedan
  • Hi Rebecca I am my moms daughter Maddie was talking to the red hood that was on your other video and the redhead gave her a red some red juice and now like she is talking to the red hood🔥🔥🔥

    1st Ldy Fe1st Ldy Fe13 timmar sedan

    Hayden CookHayden Cook14 timmar sedan
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    Joshua GeorgeJoshua George15 timmar sedan
  • Ya

    SD - 02RN 886561 James Potter PSSD - 02RN 886561 James Potter PS15 timmar sedan
  • Maddie don has rhs in his room

    Keown NuarKeown Nuar21 timme sedan
  • Rebecca prank met with Ken which is number one put slime in the shoe number to take the dogs out to the tiny house and make that think that they’re lost number three it’s a prank wars is Maddie there I want to talk to her by

    Sally CarrSally CarrDag sedan
  • my sister has the same phone

    Jasmine EliaJasmine EliaDag sedan
  • Becca and you say so Rebecca and you say something or Citron said your SEworld channel is going down and utensil is going with RV RV twin so you're going to have to stop for doing that someone in a

    Retag AlawawdaRetag AlawawdaDag sedan
  • I am sory Rebecca

    Quinn MillerQuinn MillerDag sedan
  • Bad Rebecca

    Janeth LapitanJaneth LapitanDag sedan
  • Yes she will de so surprised

    Maitha AldereiMaitha AldereiDag sedan
  • It was BBI

    Anish Varughese thomasAnish Varughese thomasDag sedan
  • MADDIE best friend is RHS and she took to the RHS

    ساهرا نوريساهرا نوري2 dagar sedan
  • BBI/ Rachel

    Nicole KekevskiNicole Kekevski2 dagar sedan
  • bbi

    Mayra g yac RamirezMayra g yac Ramirez2 dagar sedan
  • Maddie taking to RHS the whole time

    dizly G faze rug bestdizly G faze rug best2 dagar sedan
  • i no i hgj

    jase bollenbachjase bollenbach2 dagar sedan
  • The game master network is pretty hard to play but I have still got it

    Taylor HarropTaylor Harrop2 dagar sedan
  • Red hood spies

    Antonia LofajovaAntonia Lofajova2 dagar sedan
  • No

    Nasaro AbdiwahabNasaro Abdiwahab2 dagar sedan
  • 🤥🤥🤥😌😔👱‍♀️👱‍♀️

    Nasaro AbdiwahabNasaro Abdiwahab2 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca Maddie was not talking on her phone she was talking to a RHS

    Ruth BryanRuth Bryan2 dagar sedan
  • Why is she living is she mad now

    1a_18Maria Fellner1a_18Maria Fellner2 dagar sedan
  • Maddie's taking to the RHS

    Arif MuhammadArif Muhammad2 dagar sedan
  • To talk to Red Hood and her closet you know where your wigs are

    Janai CroweJanai Crowe2 dagar sedan
  • I feel bad for rebeca

    Tonton CaballesTonton Caballes3 dagar sedan
  • BBI

    Baseemah RobinsonBaseemah Robinson3 dagar sedan
  • Abcd

    Xcentury _Xcentury _3 dagar sedan
  • Maddie is taking to the red hood

    Lauren CurranLauren Curran3 dagar sedan
  • I think Maddie was talking to her sister

    Natalia SayadNatalia Sayad3 dagar sedan
  • This is Matt “ runnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!”

    Dim Lun CingDim Lun Cing3 dagar sedan
  • As you already know that R.H.S that is maddie’s friend is Babi aka Rachel Gray ( maddie’s sis)

    Dim Lun CingDim Lun Cing3 dagar sedan
  • Who alse cread when she did

    Madeline UngerMadeline Unger4 dagar sedan
  • Manning

    Brandon SheppardBrandon Sheppard4 dagar sedan
  • What if the RHS is trying to take her..

    Brittany ConnerBrittany Conner4 dagar sedan
  • rebccazamolo I .Love we

  • Mat is so funny wait mat kiss 💪

    Gracel AnaGracel Ana4 dagar sedan
  • A rhs is in maddies room

    Aliyah AshmanAliyah Ashman4 dagar sedan
  • Lilly

    Mark EvansMark Evans4 dagar sedan
  • Yes she did

    William KimWilliam Kim4 dagar sedan

    wennielawwennielaw4 dagar sedan

    wennielawwennielaw4 dagar sedan
  • When Maddie went outside what if the one with the red cape is BBI aka Rachel

    Elektra - popElektra - pop5 dagar sedan
  • Maddie was talking to rhs and it pickles and she hates pickles

    Jamila WilliamsJamila Williams5 dagar sedan
  • You

    John MurphyJohn Murphy5 dagar sedan
  • A red hood spy aka Rachel gave Maddie a red liquid and it helps Robbie rob. And a red hood spy was in Maddies closet and when you apologized Maddie was giving the red hood spy aka Rachel pickles. And Maddie said the red hood spy aka Rachel was Maddie's bff

    Briesha colemanBriesha coleman5 dagar sedan
  • She is taking to the red hood spy 🕵️‍♀️

    Smithraichelle152 SmithSmithraichelle152 Smith5 dagar sedan
  • Hope All of my cuz did that to mo🥲

    Sheia DiñoSheia Diño5 dagar sedan
  • She was thinking to redwood 🕵️‍♂️

    Hamdan JawadHamdan Jawad5 dagar sedan
  • i love Belle too i,m just like Maddie

    Andi MurdayantiAndi Murdayanti6 dagar sedan
  • Pz is watching

    julie chisholmjulie chisholm6 dagar sedan
  • /:

    Jake LilyJake Lily6 dagar sedan
  • Becca Daddy was talking to a red spy she wants it to be her best friend when she got mad at you I want to be with me when to that secret meeting

    Shelby DShelby D6 dagar sedan
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 that's why you get for lying to Maddie

    teresa pteresa p6 dagar sedan
  • Love you Rebecca

    Kyleigh WelcomeKyleigh Welcome6 dagar sedan
  • 😂😂😂😂😂

    Sittie Hannah GaliSittie Hannah Gali6 dagar sedan
  • It’s Rachel Maddie’s sister

    Teah RamosTeah Ramos6 dagar sedan
  • She was talking the RHS

    Lucy NdutaLucy Nduta6 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca the red hood spies is in maddie room

  • Maddie was talking to member of rhs but didn't know

    Aliyah Delilah 264Aliyah Delilah 2647 dagar sedan
  • Hola comodoro y que 3 de los nuestros en la casa para la noche 8 minutos después.

    Maria BernabeMaria Bernabe7 dagar sedan
  • Red hood spy

    The S familyThe S family7 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    Tracey PowerTracey Power7 dagar sedan
  • Hi hello am new ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝❤️❤️🧡🧡💛💛💚💚💙💙💜💜🖤🖤🤍🤍🤎🤎❣️❣️💕💕💞💞💓💓💗💗💖💖💘💘💝💝💟💟

    Keisha Marie Perez SantosKeisha Marie Perez Santos8 dagar sedan
    • Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

      Keisha Marie Perez SantosKeisha Marie Perez Santos8 dagar sedan
  • No it’s BBi

    junehee parkjunehee park8 dagar sedan
  • 🤩😯

    Linzi SimmonsLinzi Simmons8 dagar sedan
  • Maddie Robbie rob is at a Secret meeting

    Teagan KlingenbergTeagan Klingenberg8 dagar sedan
  • 😞😞😞. That’s mean

    Amora FlemingAmora Fleming8 dagar sedan
  • Play very bad but you always have to tell the truth to somebody I loved him don’t like to lie I like happy and I don’t like to be stingy

    Amora FlemingAmora Fleming8 dagar sedan
  • She is talking to the red hood

    Taylor MinerTaylor Miner8 dagar sedan
  • Maddie has a R.H spy in Her room and now that’s her new friend

    Richard WilliamsRichard Williams8 dagar sedan
  • It has the same outfit as in the is everything

    Naomi RodriguezNaomi Rodriguez8 dagar sedan
  • Easy Halloween hacker

    Naomi RodriguezNaomi Rodriguez8 dagar sedan
  • The rhs

    Karen OngKaren Ong9 dagar sedan
  • It is all you Rebecca why so mean

    Melissa BeverlyMelissa Beverly9 dagar sedan
  • Rz twin was

    Sagal HirseSagal Hirse9 dagar sedan
  • He was talking to a red hood spy

    Forever BlessedForever Blessed9 dagar sedan
  • Please be safe Rebecca and Maddie and met Robbie Rob you guys should not lie to your cousin Rebecca Rebecca trust me I’ll save everything everything

    Forever BlessedForever Blessed9 dagar sedan
  • She was talking to a RHS member

    K FoxK Fox9 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    Jaci WrightJaci Wright9 dagar sedan
  • I saw that when Maddie was packing she put a paper in her bag i think she is up to somthing

    Victoria M. HardmanVictoria M. Hardman9 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca needs to stop being a baby and give Maddie some space

    Uni - K - Art - 123Uni - K - Art - 1239 dagar sedan
  • I love your viryos

    Gema LandaGema Landa9 dagar sedan
  • No RHS

    AK HerreraAK Herrera9 dagar sedan
  • Eid mubarak and the family are in

    zahir786ahmedzahir786ahmed9 dagar sedan
  • Red Who is spy

    Runnner !hopRunnner !hop9 dagar sedan
  • GetaHuzum cu elincuprinsedesisisisi33333sisisi

    Geta RusuGeta Rusu9 dagar sedan
  • this is the best vid ever im kiding youve made so manny i cant keep up

    Lindsay MuraskaLindsay Muraska9 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca I love you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Dalidashady shadyDalidashadyDalidashady shadyDalidashady9 dagar sedan
  • BBI

    L NaungL Naung9 dagar sedan
  • Maddie Rebecca is telling a lie that they want to Taco Bell but robby Rob actually went to the secret meeting

    Heaven WigginsHeaven Wiggins10 dagar sedan
  • Tiktok

    Moonkyou LeeMoonkyou Lee10 dagar sedan
  • maddie was talking to bbi buffalo bison icapod

    Jaydah FuentesJaydah Fuentes10 dagar sedan
  • W

    Kacey SpicerKacey Spicer10 dagar sedan
  • Maddie calm down is Robby Rob want to go then don’t let them go wrong with new Rebecca she just wants one and Mom Robbie Rob to to to to to get a

    Jeorgenna GarciaJeorgenna Garcia10 dagar sedan