Dance Moms PAUSE Challenge w/ Lilly K! (Surprised by Abby Lee Miller) Rebecca Zamolo

14 okt 2020
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Right after Rebecca Zamolo made Creepy Doll Surprises Rebecca with Punishments for 24 Hours!, Matt and Rebecca created Creepy Doll Trapped Me and Controls My Life For 24 Hours!, and Game Master Network uploaded Black Vs White Color Challenge! Eating Everything in 1 Color for 24 Hours! Now Lilly K from dance moms surprises Rebecca with the pause challenge while she is doing the water bottle challenge. Lilly is working with Matt to get Rebecca back for all of the tricks she did on her husband. Maddy has a secret and wants to try 5 ways to sneak your crush into your house. Will it work? Meanwhile Lilly and Rebecca find different ways and challenges to create awkward situations. Who will win? This teenager or Rebecca in real life? Lilly has a secret that Rebecca wants to know about her ex best friend Daniel. Lilly, after doing a trending tik tok challenge tells her the big secret. Daniel has been working with different Dance Mom girls to hide devices. One might be with Abby Lee Miller at a dance studio. If Rebecca finds out information will she be able to stop Daniel? Why is Daniel talking to Abby Lee Miller and can we trust anyone? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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  • Subscribe! Why do you think Daniel gave HER that?

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    • @Kimora Owusu Asante You display it re doing press for AI did you know anyone my PA

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    • YES I DO!!

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    • I subscribed and time

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    • I love your vidios

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  • She look like your sister

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  • OOH i have the same shoes as lily k!!!!!!

    Dora XuDora Xu3 timmar sedan
  • jordan matter is a youtuber and he videos him taking pictures of incredable flexable people

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  • no88888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888

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  • The agents work for the gmi

    Kristi IrvesKristi Irves5 timmar sedan
  • Hey Rebecca love you

    Mike NelsonMike Nelson9 timmar sedan
  • I know she bring Robbie Robb she's I get the doll all day and stop getting a dog the song and Matt knows why we why we came here with Maddie and didn't I get creepy doll yep he pranking Turtle prank playing all day you know yeah go get hurt

    Vnaya RamosRiveraVnaya RamosRivera12 timmar sedan
  • yes

    hayder alihayder ali12 timmar sedan
  • now

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  • Jordan matter is a fetografi person how tecs photos of elliana with other people and lili k oso with other people

    Trinidad BenitezTrinidad Benitez13 timmar sedan
  • I screen shot it Hahahhaah!

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  • Hide Rebecca

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  • No 🙈🙈🙈

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  • Um rebecca matt has blue eyes.

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  • 15:51

    Jurassic unboxingJurassic unboxingDag sedan
  • 8:23

    Jurassic unboxingJurassic unboxingDag sedan
  • Dance Moms pause challenge

    serena sanchezserena sanchezDag sedan
  • Your gonna put spray in her hair

    Jeff DeeganJeff DeeganDag sedan
  • Dance Mom paws challenge

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  • He is a yubtube

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  • Yes he is.

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  • I like your videos i see al time

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  • When Robbie Rob was holding the creepy doll he was hypnotized and he got something it looked like the black reactivator.

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  • jordan matter is a youtuber who takes really cool pictures!! he has done it with lilly too also with sofie dossie

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    • Yup I always see his vids

      Maria VieiraMaria VieiraDag sedan
  • Rebecca do you know Chad and v quaint

    Team 7Team 72 dagar sedan
  • Why did you Do that to Lillys hair whatever you got whip cream on your face and I’m not hating neither I’m just saying and what is Lillys well does Lily have Twitter because that’s what I have and I want to follow her

    Team 7Team 72 dagar sedan
  • Jordan Matter is a photographer so Daniel probably asked Jordan to take some pictures for clues or codes!

    Sydney CampfieldSydney Campfield2 dagar sedan
  • No Jordan matter I know him Aziz SEworld channel pictures some people from dance moms

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  • Yes

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  • No

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  • Dance moms pause challenge

    Kristen McGrewKristen McGrew2 dagar sedan
  • Dance moms pause challenge

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  • When you was doing a handstand Maddy bought rob rov in the house sneaking

    Leah AsheLeah Ashe2 dagar sedan
    • Hi Leah Ashe!!!!!!!!!!!

      Sydney CampfieldSydney Campfield2 dagar sedan
  • Jordan Matter is a professional photographer and a youtuber and does 10 minutes photo challenges with famous people

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  • Willie K looks so bad

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  • Dance moms Paws challenge

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  • Jordan is a photographer and a crazy people

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  • Dance Moms pass challenge

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  • Hi

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  • Yes

  • Maddie Jordan Matter is a famous photographer

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  • Dance moms pause challenge

    Freya ThompsonFreya Thompson3 dagar sedan
  • DAnce moms pause challenge

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  • Jordan dose the best videos Eith nidal and shark

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  • I Love your video

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  • I love this

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  • Rebecca is going to push a really in the pool

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  • Kel doing theses

    infinite playsinfinite plays5 dagar sedan
  • daece moms pause challenge

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  • Robbery robbery Rosewood kissingx she was kissing Rebecca Similo‘s cousin on her cheek 🤭😡🥰

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  • Yes jordinmadr is a YouTobr he dusvideos abawt 10 minit food chalins with dantsrs

    Courtney JusticeCourtney Justice6 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    Michael SmithMichael Smith6 dagar sedan
  • Rebeca: plz I needdddddd pizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Heaven RoseHeaven Rose6 dagar sedan
  • Dance mom pause challenge

    Phoebe ParkerPhoebe Parker6 dagar sedan
  • Dance moms pause challenge

  • jordan matter is a youtuber and a photographer

  • jordon matter is a photo grafer

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  • I don't like lily

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  • jordan mather is my dad

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  • Jordan Matter is a SEworldr and photographer

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  • I ♥♥♥ Jordan Matter

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  • Dance mom pause challenge

    Brunch MulticulturalBrunch Multicultural7 dagar sedan
  • Lily is the best tiktoks

    Jason and Haylee PortigJason and Haylee Portig7 dagar sedan
  • Jordan is the person who takes pictures of the dancers in dance mom

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  • Rebecca looked SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pretty when she met Abby

    Deep DayalDeep Dayal7 dagar sedan
  • Jorden Matter usually does the 10 minute challenge Photo challenge

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  • Jordan matter is a SEworldR and he take photos of people who do gymnastics like lillyK and Sofie dossie

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  • Yeah

    Aieen660 :3Aieen660 :38 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca Zamolo

    Lilia CevallosLilia Cevallos8 dagar sedan
  • Hi Rebecca and lily I'm a big fan and HI Matt so prank Rebecca again tomorrow

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  • 7:16 lololololololol I laughed so hard hahahaha

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    • 15:14 15:15 lololololololol

      Ago OyongAgo Oyong8 dagar sedan
    • 14:00 yay pranked lol bye splash

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    • Lilly is like I don't even care Rebecca lol

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  • Yes

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  • When is she going to make a video in big Bear

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  • Jordan matter does challenges with dance moms like Lily K he takes pictures and does dance moms stuff

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  • Dance mom pause challenge

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  • Jortan matter is a photo grather youtuber

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  • I watch him Jordan matter and mr x he was in the video hocus poces and he was hacking with hallowen hacker

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  • Liar

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  • Jordan matter is a youtuber

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  • gordan matter is a photogrifa

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  • Dance moms pause callenge

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  • dance moms pause challange

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  • lily been on jordan matters chanel

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  • Jordan mater is the best photographer and I subscribe to his SEworld channel

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  • Omg I can’t believe that Robby Rob kissed maddie

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  • I love your videos

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  • I do

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  • The t

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  • Dance mom, pause challenge

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  • he is a potot grahger

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  • He’s a photo who can take pictures of him graduating ballot and gymnastics

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    • Jordan matter

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  • Dance Moms Pause Challenge

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  • Yes he does with Lily came

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