Face Reveal of Best Friend in Rebecca Zamolo 24 Hour Song Challenge! Official Family Music Video

29 aug 2020
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Rebecca Zamolo’s new official "Family" music video!
I, Rebecca Zamolo, had to face my fear of clowns for red hood spy face reveal. Matt and Rebecca spent 24 hours trapped in abandoned bowling alley with clowns for rhs face reveal! The Game Master network must decide who can we trust to join the Game Master network by doing a battle royale training gone wrong. BBI promises to do a face reveal if Rebecca can record a song and music video in 24 hours. This 24 hour challenge is accepted by Rebecca and Maddie because they want to find the truth of who her best friend is. The red hood spy wants to join the gmn because its like a family so we write a song. Rebecca surprised Maddie with her family and calls Connor to drive down. Matt pranks Maddie by telling Connor to ignore her for 24 hours. When Maddie’s Mom and Dad show up BBI gets very nervous and doesn’t want to do a face reveal. Rebecca reminds her of the deal and they complete the challenge. Connor thinks it is his crush Zoe so Matt tells him to get his first kiss. When they finalize the song it was a big mistake as we learn who the real identify of her is. Can you guess who it is? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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  • It's not who you expect! Don't give it away in the comments ZAMFAM :) Comment YOU SUBSCRIBED if you saw who it was!!

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  • I think it’s like the songs probably OK like I like you probably I like you too cousin Family probably is not me because everybody that’s on me let’s go hang in there everything was so XO Expo hugs and kisses well we never do because we’re family and we see each other every day brokers not buy the die because we get to visit everybody just goes by Ron Cell have a dad because I wanna

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  • When you was doing your lyricse the redhood was wating you l think They were looking for BBi ak rechal

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  • Rebecca bbi is Rachel aka Madies sister

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  • You should make a dance moms challenge again if you already did one and also the challenge for this week to be mad die has to drink the spiciest sauce and you have to drink a ghost pepper

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  • Rachel was also in the music video junior bridsmiads

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  • can you guys tell me why her name in bbi im clueless

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    • Daniel is bad from nang

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  • when you and maddie and bbi were making the song there was a red hood spie aka the RHS spieing on you and maddie and bbi also i love watching some of ur old videos and all of new videos and i feel like matt has a bad temper in this music video and i think bbi is rachel maddies sister and i knowwhy rachel wants to join the game master networn aka GMN because if maddie want to join the game mater network and rachel dont want to be all alone butshe has her brother conner and her mum and dad but she mit miss her sister i also subscribe to all of ur youtube channels

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