Giant Comic Book Masquerade Ball in Real Life to Save Game Master! Rebecca Zamolo

22 aug 2020
6 307 350 visningar

Rebecca Zamolo goes undercover as a pizza delivery girl to learn how to sneak food anywhere in hacker mansion. Matt and Rebecca then vlogged an extreme who knows me better challenge, my best friend or my crush with Maddie and BBI. The game master network competed in a last to leave the ball pit wins challenge while searching for missing clue on ball. Now, the gmn must break into the hacker mansion just like in the masquerade ball in disguise as ninja turtles to stop the evil plans. Maddie’s best friend must hack in and rescue her bf while we find the memory ball. If the hacker leader is new he or she might not know we are coming. When inside we see that the incredibles in real life are along with iron man, spider man and captian America. It feels like a giant marvel movie. Everyone is separated into two groups where they must do a blind folded battle royale and a hide and seek in silence. Who will win? If they win they still must rescue Robbie and stop the evil ooze in the pizza. Mr X traps Rebecca Zamolo and hypnotizes the entire crew. Can they escape and rescue the game master in time? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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    Rebecca ZamoloRebecca Zamolo3 månader sedan
    • 😲 omg

      Edith SanchezEdith Sanchez11 dagar sedan
    • @Jasmyn Herrera Cano Kkkjj

      Rody BurokerRody Buroker12 dagar sedan
    • Done. I love you. Your my personal celebrity!

      Sam SungSam Sung27 dagar sedan
    • Hi BBL

      Jj AlmanzaJj AlmanzaMånad sedan
    • @Dance yoga and lifestyle with Natasha K

      Kiley CampbellKiley CampbellMånad sedan
  • BBI is Rachell Maddie,s sister

    rune_kittyrune_kitty3 timmar sedan
  • Rebecca I think captain America is rocky

    lizhong malizhong ma6 timmar sedan
  • Robbie rob was captured in this room with mr.x and the red hoddie said about this secret recipe and game master is mr.x brother

    Simone Kaplan KaplanSimone Kaplan Kaplan6 timmar sedan
  • i think wonder wemon is your " best" friend M

    hi61141hi6114114 timmar sedan
  • Behind you

    Trent JohnsonTrent Johnson15 timmar sedan
  • Try;-yol546-y6yb%mg0645-lly6

    Leila SpeightLeila Speight16 timmar sedan
  • I love you Rebecca

    Aisha SamatehAisha Samateh23 timmar sedan
  • 24,99

    Judith CastilloJudith CastilloDag sedan
  • (;

    Connor kingConnor kingDag sedan
  • I saw the gamemaster

    Andy LiuAndy LiuDag sedan
  • Captain America is the guy from pizza Hut

    Tamzyn BakkerTamzyn BakkerDag sedan
  • I said game master 2

    Alyson MurphyAlyson MurphyDag sedan
  • F

    Chelsey LaClairChelsey LaClair2 dagar sedan
  • p y

    Walter ThomasWalter Thomas2 dagar sedan
  • Captain America was the Pizza Hut guy that Rebecca and Robbie Rob saw when they were Domino’s people

    Jacqueline O'HalloranJacqueline O'Halloran2 dagar sedan
  • I’m upstairs

    Trent JohnsonTrent Johnson2 dagar sedan
  • Is in the garage

    Trent JohnsonTrent Johnson2 dagar sedan
  • The heck is going on here 💀💀💀💀😤😤😤🍅😂😂😜😜😌🙃

    Nashrah AliNashrah Ali2 dagar sedan
  • No goast maddie

    Esme OakleyEsme Oakley2 dagar sedan
  • Yes

  • Ok

    Jules Kean DatuJules Kean Datu3 dagar sedan
  • Roby rob is not hipnitiys

    Christie WadsworthChristie Wadsworth3 dagar sedan
  • Mady i am scared of ghost to

    Christie WadsworthChristie Wadsworth3 dagar sedan
  • You guys are awesome

    Christie WadsworthChristie Wadsworth3 dagar sedan
  • I love you guys

    Christie WadsworthChristie Wadsworth3 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    Christie WadsworthChristie Wadsworth3 dagar sedan
  • 8:40 GM

    Pinky MallariPinky Mallari3 dagar sedan
  • I have a game master

    Maribel AyalaMaribel Ayala3 dagar sedan
  • I would say the persone mr x was taking was the kingpen

    Nithan SaamyNithan Saamy3 dagar sedan
  • When robbie rob.was Screaming “HELP ME!” to A vent and my eres Die and when the group of trultes hurt my EARS T-T AND SREACM IN THE CARME HURT MAH ERAS

    THƯ VŨ HÀTHƯ VŨ HÀ3 dagar sedan
    • What

      Jianna CheahJianna Cheah2 dagar sedan
  • when rebecca dressed up in incredibles that suit diden come from the incredigem and its destroyed

    Usile EllUsile Ell4 dagar sedan
    • Ture

      Jianna CheahJianna Cheah2 dagar sedan
  • Guys Wonder Woman is the redhead hood

    Angeline liebenbergAngeline liebenberg4 dagar sedan
  • Daniel that was the memory ball dat you did touch

    Angeline liebenbergAngeline liebenberg4 dagar sedan
  • B.B.I is maddie sister

    Kimberley� Nicolle TanKimberley� Nicolle Tan4 dagar sedan
  • Your Rebecca.

    Carla JonesCarla Jones4 dagar sedan
  • Yes I saw the game master in the garage 🚗🚘

    Anju ParmarAnju Parmar4 dagar sedan
  • 8:54 the game master was watching

    Aichan AnikaAichan Anika5 dagar sedan
  • and batman

    Teyonnia BurtonTeyonnia Burton5 dagar sedan
  • my is flesh

    Teyonnia BurtonTeyonnia Burton5 dagar sedan
  • Yes

    Tanisha IslamTanisha Islam5 dagar sedan
  • Bbi's Rachel

    marcus hornermarcus horner5 dagar sedan
  • Captain America is a the boy from Pizza Hut from the video to get the job pizza hut or diominos

    Whitney SituWhitney Situ5 dagar sedan
  • Daniel bad

    chris millschris mills5 dagar sedan
  • I saw him to

    Don DekorsDon Dekors5 dagar sedan
  • BBI is Rachel

    Don DekorsDon Dekors5 dagar sedan
  • Why did you do a tik Tok with the Queen of gems

    Ricky KallmeierRicky Kallmeier5 dagar sedan
  • If you sore the game master press the like bertan 🔽

    Ricky KallmeierRicky Kallmeier5 dagar sedan
  • Hi my name is Anjali I am your biggest fan and you are funny 😂 😄

    AnushkaAnushka5 dagar sedan
  • I did see the game master Rebecca he like bonded

    MYSTICZzzYTMYSTICZzzYT6 dagar sedan
    • I saw game master

      Nathiya VijayNathiya Vijay5 dagar sedan
  • E2 Game master said it said it


    Krystle MillsKrystle Mills6 dagar sedan
  • yes i did

    Alison BloomquistAlison Bloomquist6 dagar sedan
  • at 3.03 i saw something pop out of the rhs outfit i think its the red reactervater

  • You. Has. Kice. He

    Pratibha NinglekuPratibha Ningleku7 dagar sedan
  • The woman forced to be white

    Justin MejiaJustin Mejia7 dagar sedan
  • I woman is black

    Justin MejiaJustin Mejia7 dagar sedan
  • Hallo

    Alan HernandezAlan Hernandez7 dagar sedan
  • Mr. X made Daniel bad using his Cane please please watch the video until the very end then you'll see it please please I am a fan thank you

    Shikha BhusalShikha Bhusal7 dagar sedan
  • Ok

    Oskar TranOskar Tran7 dagar sedan
  • Dayll is got hit in the leg

    jasna sanjeetjasna sanjeet7 dagar sedan
  • You should do a video of Mary doing her own like little music video like morning routine

    Claire CummingsClaire Cummings7 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca i saw the game master i am going to let Matt know

    Artika VandanaArtika Vandana7 dagar sedan
  • Tha5 is the GM I saw him I the grarged

    Savannah WakefieldSavannah Wakefield7 dagar sedan
  • No

    Rick BonnettRick Bonnett7 dagar sedan
  • Yes that is GM I miss him so much

    shilpa tibrewalshilpa tibrewal7 dagar sedan
    • Oh GMI

      Saejah IshakSaejah Ishak7 dagar sedan
  • Hi rebbeca

    Abdullah AlsabahyAbdullah Alsabahy7 dagar sedan
  • Captain America looks like that Pizza Hut guy

    07-Anushka Gaur07-Anushka Gaur7 dagar sedan
  • I saw the game master Rebecca

    YuvaniAmaya ParanagamaYuvaniAmaya Paranagama7 dagar sedan
  • 😯😢

    Rahma RahmaRahma Rahma8 dagar sedan
  • Maddie is so pretty in the ghost buster suit

    ronnie algallarronnie algallar8 dagar sedan
  • G m n G M N

    Alana NaiheAlana Naihe8 dagar sedan
  • BBI is maddi's sister

    Victoria M. HardmanVictoria M. Hardman8 dagar sedan
    • Yes

      Aparna 's lifestyleAparna 's lifestyle3 dagar sedan
  • This is like JIGSAW LOL bc

    Jeffrey ZipseJeffrey Zipse8 dagar sedan
  • I see the game master

    Kaidyn WrightKaidyn Wright8 dagar sedan
  • Daniel got hit on his leg left leg

    Teagan KlingenbergTeagan Klingenberg8 dagar sedan
  • Hi I’m Sharon. Yu

    Sharon YuSharon Yu8 dagar sedan
  • Upstairs

    Sharon YuSharon Yu8 dagar sedan
  • Yes

    Sharon YuSharon Yu8 dagar sedan
  • I saw the game master

    Juana GregorioJuana Gregorio8 dagar sedan
  • I have been a fan for about three years

    Wes RichardsonWes Richardson8 dagar sedan
  • YES!

  • Also,z

    Priscilla AlvaradoPriscilla Alvarado8 dagar sedan
  • ja

    Ilias MichielsenIlias Michielsen8 dagar sedan

    Karolina KurowskaKarolina Kurowska8 dagar sedan
  • And 8.45

    Aarna SinghAarna Singh8 dagar sedan
  • Yes I saw game master if you saw him or you did not go on vid at 8.40 you well see him there

    Aarna SinghAarna Singh8 dagar sedan
  • Hey Matt I am rz twin I need help this is the code 326589 it is me 😐😐

    SosogodiSosogodi8 dagar sedan
  • Now Daniel is heat by the cane now Daniel is now evil and d2 is there

    Akisha Lee PerezAkisha Lee Perez9 dagar sedan
  • I’m so sorry about that I love you so much bye 😽

    Esme VelozEsme Veloz9 dagar sedan
  • :P :O :( :) :D D: :I

    Aliyah DionaAliyah Diona9 dagar sedan
  • Hi hi🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    GaminWithLexi Minecraft, RobloxGaminWithLexi Minecraft, Roblox9 dagar sedan
  • oh no mr.x put hos can in danil

    andrewfatkingandrewfatking9 dagar sedan
  • I saw the game master

    Laura HaddadLaura Haddad9 dagar sedan
  • Rebbeca pls i want to get a shout out

    Laura HaddadLaura Haddad9 dagar sedan
  • Yes 💞

    Kevin HuntKevin Hunt9 dagar sedan
  • Yay

    Jung YuniJung Yuni9 dagar sedan
  • Yes

    Jung YuniJung Yuni9 dagar sedan
  • i saw the gamemaster

    Stevie FroemelStevie Froemel9 dagar sedan
  • Or

    Latonia MudelLatonia Mudel9 dagar sedan