Rebecca Zamolo Official New House Tour! (Found Secret Hidden Room Using Extreme Everyday Objects)

14 mar 2020
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Rebecca Zamolo moves into her dream house and finds a secret hidden room inside her new home. After Rebecca Zamolo went on a First Date with Best Friend Crush to Make My Husband Jealous! (Tricks to Win Dream House with Kiss Prank), Matt and Rebecca uploaded “Spying On My Wife in Disguise For 24 Hours! Crashing Date with Crush using Hacks and Girls Struggles” The Real Game Master created “Found Hidden Lake of Secrets While Helping RZ Twin! (Secret Meeting with Game Master Reveals Hacks)”, then the Game Master Incorporated posted “Found Hidden Lake of Secrets While Helping RZ Twin! (Secret Meeting with Game Master Reveals Hacks).” Now Rebecca Zamolo shares her new dream home in a empty house tour. First she shows the living room, and reveals a secret tiny space while doing gymnastics. While she is showing the pool Daniel shows up. He is very suspicious because the whole house was wire before we moved in. Matt and Rebecca take him to the next room but he disappears after giving the worst chair. Daniel found an secret room inside the walls and starts hacking to protect Rebecca and Matt. Next the agents show up while Rebecca is showing the giant backyard. Matt gets angry because Agent R talks about his wife. He pushes Agent S into the pool. Why did a bandage come off and what is he hiding? Next Rebcca’s new best friend arrives and she wants to hack too. Daniel doesn’t trust Zoe. They look at the movie theater but its not working. When the maintenance person shows up he looks familiar like he is in a disguise. They continue the tour but Matt and Daniel find a tunnel above the house. One of the rooms is locked. Can they keep this secret from Agent S and Agent R? Should we explore the tunnel? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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  • ZamFam- I can't believe we moved!! Let me know what your favorite part of our house is & give it a thumbs up if you're excited for the videos we'll do in it!

    Rebecca ZamoloRebecca Zamolo8 månader sedan
    • it ses your name Rebecca😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

      Logan LammieLogan Lammie13 dagar sedan
    • Umm rebecca i dont want to say this but thar a secret room

      Ye DamYe Dam23 dagar sedan
    • Hey zamfam

      King WilbonKing Wilbon25 dagar sedan
    • Everything is cool

      aysiz Cervantesaysiz CervantesMånad sedan
    • The house is so so So so so so big I like it so so much Rebecca and I love the pool it's so big and I love everything in your house

      Malak AhmedMalak AhmedMånad sedan
  • The best word Emma smallie

    Avelina RomeroAvelina Romero46 minuter sedan
  • There is a secret hacker room

    Im HaqueIm HaqueTimme sedan
  • theres a note

    mya millermya miller3 timmar sedan
  • the person matt called is agent d

    Rabiatul Adawiyah MohamadRabiatul Adawiyah Mohamad4 timmar sedan
  • No

    Ayden NewellAyden Newell10 timmar sedan
  • Danal found a secret hideout in your house

    Susan BlanchardSusan Blanchard15 timmar sedan
  • She's right there was a paper that said Rebecca

    Susan BlanchardSusan Blanchard15 timmar sedan
  • I saw a note that said Rebecca in the secret area in the kitchen

    Tami WellsTami Wells16 timmar sedan
  • Omg ur so close to 10M!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FuNny ViDeOFuNny ViDeODag sedan
  • I Started watching you in 2013

    mollybasketrabbitmollybasketrabbitDag sedan
  • When you moved in Daniel through something and found wires and a secret room

    Maddy LouMaddy LouDag sedan
  • you have callr yoyiyrs

    Ashley PolzinAshley PolzinDag sedan
  • 500k

    Johanna JimenezJohanna JimenezDag sedan
  • tunels

    Jordan CollinsJordan CollinsDag sedan
  • the maintenance guy is '''AGENT D'''!!! omg

  • the shelve on top of the stove said '''Rabecca'''

  • Rebecca your whole bed room is my favourite

    May ChengMay ChengDag sedan
  • When Matt open the top cupboard in the kitchen there were a piece of paper says Rebecca

    May ChengMay ChengDag sedan
  • Rebecca videos is something like in that cover space that you FOUND Rebecca

    Sara CurtisSara Curtis2 dagar sedan
  • à11ql

    Tyra DavisTyra Davis2 dagar sedan
  • There is a hacker room

    thatgirl lyricsthatgirl lyrics2 dagar sedan
  • Omg

    Kasi FordKasi Ford2 dagar sedan
  • waitwaitwait that person that was "fixing" the movie place was agent C or D i forgot the agents name-

    Kylie MillerKylie Miller2 dagar sedan
  • Why is that Daniel found he's not going to tell you that I told you that suede in in

    Nikunj GhandhiNikunj Ghandhi2 dagar sedan
  • I wish I can stay in that house

    Nikunj GhandhiNikunj Ghandhi2 dagar sedan
  • House is amazing I'm going to 😢 Cry

    Nikunj GhandhiNikunj Ghandhi2 dagar sedan
  • U

    Christina ManjuChristina Manju2 dagar sedan
  • Daniel is a better hacker.

    Zoe PalaciosZoe Palacios3 dagar sedan
  • Ok Danielle

    Isra Mercedes-AmanIsra Mercedes-Aman3 dagar sedan
  • Your house is the best it’s so pretty I love the Zam fam

    Isra Mercedes-AmanIsra Mercedes-Aman3 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca the agent are in your home😠😠

    gacha lillygacha lilly3 dagar sedan
  • When l was 5 😉😉😉😇😇😇😊l love you guys

    gacha lillygacha lilly3 dagar sedan
  • I saw a note that said Rebecca

    mrwednesdaynightmrwednesdaynight3 dagar sedan
  • rebbeca theres a note with your name on it

    Lisa WoodLisa Wood3 dagar sedan
  • No

    Sylar FantasiaSylar Fantasia3 dagar sedan
  • In the secret coberd

    Kaya DaubneyKaya Daubney4 dagar sedan
  • It said Rebecca

    Kaya DaubneyKaya Daubney4 dagar sedan
  • Give it to zoey

    Genessis BairiesGenessis Bairies4 dagar sedan
  • No It Is the grarg

    Daniel BarrassDaniel Barrass4 dagar sedan
  • My favorite part is everything

    Bishita PrasaiBishita Prasai4 dagar sedan
  • Omg

    Miguel CastilloMiguel Castillo4 dagar sedan
  • You're the best SEworldr

    Bishita PrasaiBishita Prasai4 dagar sedan
  • The maintenance guy is agent d

    Joss cJoss c4 dagar sedan
  • my fav part about the house was the master bed room the washroom in the master bed room and Rebecca closet and the note on the shelf was Rebecca name and i think the fixer person i think is agent D

    Evelyn Fausta DamaraEvelyn Fausta Damara4 dagar sedan
  • 😱😱😱😱😱😱

    Axel AvilaAxel Avila5 dagar sedan
  • Rebecea

    Axel AvilaAxel Avila5 dagar sedan
  • Don’t tell Dan I put this

    Jordan and FriendsJordan and Friends5 dagar sedan
  • He told to keep it a secret 🤫

    Jordan and FriendsJordan and Friends5 dagar sedan
  • Daniel found a secret hacker room

    Jordan and FriendsJordan and Friends5 dagar sedan
  • Wow. and. Wow.😮

    Janallie bonillaJanallie bonilla5 dagar sedan
  • That's not maintenance! HE İS AGENT D!!!

    MelisaSBangMelisaSBang5 dagar sedan
  • I’ve been watching her when you ever start making videos and I watch all your videos and I love them I love your videos I follow you and Matt and you and I love your videos

    The Browns Are ClownsThe Browns Are Clowns5 dagar sedan
  • In the thing in the kitchen there was a note that said Rebecca

    Robert JohnsRobert Johns5 dagar sedan
  • Monkey in the middle

    Rachel PhaupRachel Phaup5 dagar sedan
  • Daniel found in hidden wall

    amanda leeamanda lee5 dagar sedan
  • I don't like Matt cuz he is always mad like this 😡

    luna-adn zubairluna-adn zubair5 dagar sedan
  • Rebeca starts the room tour me:ahh this is so boring then Rebecca shows the tolite me:Omg this is the best video ever

    #ProLife Nam#ProLife Nam6 dagar sedan
  • At the top shelf their was a note that said Rebecca

    Sophie TyrrellSophie Tyrrell6 dagar sedan
  • 7pm

    sarah idksarah idk6 dagar sedan
  • I saw it too there was a folded peise of paper that said Rebeca

    Renata FelixRenata Felix6 dagar sedan
  • I like it.

    Peter BaileyPeter Bailey6 dagar sedan
  • Nice house rebbeca nice

    Luverta TinerLuverta Tiner6 dagar sedan
  • The guy that came to your house was the police agent it was D or C I can’t remember what letter

    science with jonathan Bscience with jonathan B7 dagar sedan
  • i start wacht you on 10 may 2020

    Khadeeja RaniaKhadeeja Rania7 dagar sedan
  • i'm sooooo happy

    Vivien GuoVivien Guo7 dagar sedan
  • i started watching you on my other channel since 10 thousand

    Stephen SharerStephen Sharer7 dagar sedan
  • I have that bike

    kanhlagna sivilaysackkanhlagna sivilaysack7 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca there is a note in the secret curbed it saids rebecca

    Lilliejo Bauer-SysLilliejo Bauer-Sys7 dagar sedan
  • I’m 5

    Jordan WorleyJordan Worley7 dagar sedan
  • There’s a note on the shelf

    Emma SouthEmma South7 dagar sedan
  • that could be maidd bedroom if she comes and stay

    Staria mooreStaria moore7 dagar sedan
  • That note said Rebecca

    Schaquetta HernandezSchaquetta Hernandez7 dagar sedan
  • Your room and mine room is like yours

    Linda RobinsonLinda Robinson7 dagar sedan
  • You guys can’t trust zoey

    Maddie T QueenMaddie T Queen7 dagar sedan
  • Daniel is the better hacker

    Maddie T QueenMaddie T Queen7 dagar sedan
  • hey

    Sheena RobledoSheena Robledo7 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca on the top of the stove a little secret room in there there’s a paper and I say Rebecca and I think it’s for you

    Zin ZinZin Zin7 dagar sedan
    • Yeah

      Cynthia DuncanCynthia Duncan7 dagar sedan
  • 🍯

    Zin ZinZin Zin7 dagar sedan
  • Ertu

    Margie njorogeMargie njoroge7 dagar sedan
  • there might be something be hind the big picture

    cody hayescody hayes7 dagar sedan
  • It says rebecca

    Amira DahshanAmira Dahshan7 dagar sedan
  • The maintenance guy was agent d

    Paulo RamirezPaulo Ramirez7 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca best

    Dhiya MythriDhiya Mythri8 dagar sedan
  • Daniel was peeking out of the door when you guys were showing us your gym. Like if you saw that!

    Joshua GohJoshua Goh8 dagar sedan
  • Who's watching back on this vid

    vixny Fnvixny Fn8 dagar sedan
  • I watch you October the 2019

    Lyric BatesLyric Bates8 dagar sedan
  • the pool

    Amy AlonsoAmy Alonso8 dagar sedan
  • yes i love goff

    Amy AlonsoAmy Alonso8 dagar sedan
  • yyyeeeeesssssssss you got the house I loved and it sead rebecca

    Amy AlonsoAmy Alonso8 dagar sedan
  • I started watching in 2017 rebecca's channel

    Jannat KhalidJannat Khalid8 dagar sedan
  • yay house tour

    Maëlle Parthenais élèveMaëlle Parthenais élève8 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca there was a note in the secret room and it said Rebecca

    Creepy FriendsCreepy Friends8 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca Daniel said

    Jesse PerronJesse Perron8 dagar sedan
  • it sed rebecca

    Epdhielys CorreaEpdhielys Correa8 dagar sedan
  • And that one compartment there’s a name it says Rebecca

    Sarah SchrammSarah Schramm8 dagar sedan
  • There's a hacker room

    Faith DeKorsFaith DeKors8 dagar sedan
  • Happy day Rebecca !

    Austen AAusten A8 dagar sedan
  • Danial found a room

    Arissa KamranArissa Kamran8 dagar sedan
  • It is so cool

    Mi NguyenMi Nguyen8 dagar sedan