Giant ADDAMS FAMILY Movie in Real Life But in Haunted House! Rebecca Zamolo

31 okt 2020
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Rebecca Zamolo created Last to Leave HAUNTED HOUSE Wins Challenge inside her home to trick the RHS. Matt and Rebecca then learned Someone Broke Into Our New House. The Game Master network competed in a Hot vs Cold Pool Challenge to Find Imposter Among Us. Rebecca Zamolo her best friends trick Mr. X by going in disguise as Addams family in real life. Mr. X wants to finish opening the portal from Hocus Pocus that evil Daniel first began in a ceremony. When the hackers arrive they need to use hacks just like in the addams family movie but in real life. Rebecca can start fire with her fingers but must use magic to make it look real. Matt is the best at math just like in school. Maddie can scare anyone with tricks and pranks. Daniel can make electricity with his fingers and mouth. If this works they can stop the evil or bad people from having all of the power. It looks like it is working and they believe it but Robbie Rob betrays everyone and it ignites a battle royale. Once trapped can the addams family escape and stop the evil or will they be missing for ever just like in incredibles in real life. Can they trust their best friends or will it all be lie? Also, where is the game master? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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  • At the end of the video someone took the slappy doll

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  • At the end of your video I saw a clown mask when you were talking to Zoey

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  • Can we do it on a Saturday and then you have to do a lot to get that done done and you will have a e house done done and poder to have it with me and president and I will have to get you money to do anything with the house that y pyou have a lot to get to the bank and get a few things to do it and get a few para done done then you can have a lot done people do that and I don’t want to do that people that don’t get money money to get it done done what you don’t have money money to get it done done then get money to do anything with money money to do that money money to you get it done done and you don’t want money to do

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  • I’ve always wondered when u r going to show us inside the tunnels

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  • Please do a mr x face reveal

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  • I know who is Franciscan it is mady's sister

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  • Remember agent r Robbie Rob is agent r

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  • Justin si Has riding ah ah ah ah ah bueno igual Swan Green de Halloween ten ten en chivos a 500 weekend ah ah ah eso es Here onda ah importa Mike estoy con Down Down y no hay quien So ya te chata en Make sure si es Justin Rossi buen picheo enAh ah

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  • Hi Rebecca Zamolo I am the biggest fan and I am your biggest fan and my name is Alani Murry Rosado Atlantis Marina Zara and this is my name and I love you and happy

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  • Rebecca is claustrophobia (fear of clowns)😲😲 Maddie is pharmacologic ( fear of ghost) 😲😲 Daniel is. arachnobia ( fear of spider)😲😲 Matt is. Pneumonia ( fear of witches)😲😲 I don't know Zoes fear comment if you know👇👇👇

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  • Mr.X was dumb when he put Matt,Maddie and Daniel in a room with a tunnel and not puting them in lock down. Like if you think Mr.X is dumb and commitment if you like Rebecca zamolo

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