We Crashed Real Zoom School Classes by Hacking In! (Bad Idea) Rebecca Zamolo

4 nov 2020
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Rebecca Zamolo created a Giant ADDAMS FAMILY Movie in Real Life But In Haunted House. Matt and Rebecca then had an Emotional Addams Family Reunion with Hypnotized Best Friend! The Game Master Network Plays Among US But Everyone is SUS! Imposter IQ? Now in order to get the incredigem back from the Halloween hacker, Matt, Rebecca and Maddie have to hack into school classes via zoom. If they crashed the right classes someone will tell a hidden secret code that will reveal the location of the incredigem from incredibles in real life. Do you think we can trust the Halloween hacker. Is he Maddie’s new crush? Someone has a connection to each class? Will we be able to solve this mystery like clue in real life? All I know is that everyone is sus but the clues are among us. Maybe HH is the hidden imposter with a high IQ. Someone keeps on texting Maddie and it looks like she might have a hidden secret. Is it her ex boyfriend? Rebecca seems to know someone in each class. Matt also spies on Robbie Rob and reveals he is working with Mr. X. Do you think we can stop this evil and bad activity before the week is over? Will this be another 24 hour challenge? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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