Giant Among Us But We’re Pregnant in Real Life with Royalty Family! Rebecca Zamolo

6 nov 2020
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Yes we are officially Pregnant!
Rebecca Zamolo created We Crashed Real Zoom School Classes by Hacking In and it was a bad idea. Matt and Rebecca then posted We Surprised Maddie's Crush and Opened a McDonald's in Our House! The Game Master Network plays among US but everyone is SUS to find the imposter. Now in order to get the next device Rebecca invites the Royalty family to play a giant game of Among us in real life but we’re pregnant. We need to use the pregnancy bellies to hide the device the Halloween hacker said they have. Rebecca is the imposter the first game and Maddie becomes a ghost. Ali and Ferran think Rebecca is sus and win. Daniel tries sneaking into Ali’s backpack but they don’t trust him. Matt gets caught not doing tasks and they think Matt is the imposter but with no IQ. After the emergency meeting they reveal the imposter is still among us in real life. Can we trust the Halloween Hacker? If this plan works we will be able to be one step closer to getting the incredigem from the Halloween hacker. Do you think we might have to be incredibles in real life but part 2? Hopefully we can all be friends at the end of this even if we don’t win $10,000! Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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  • We're pregnant! Who was the most SUS in this Among us game?

    Rebecca ZamoloRebecca Zamolo22 dagar sedan
    • Rebecca I love you I am such a big fan and I hope you send me a iPhone

      Alisa MuhammadAlisa Muhammad6 dagar sedan
    • Does number 10

      Nina VelardeNina Velarde11 dagar sedan
    • Farrar and matt

      Antonnette catherine Sta cruzAntonnette catherine Sta cruz17 dagar sedan
    • Helloween Hacker

      Ramanjeet RaiRamanjeet Rai21 dag sedan
    • Halloween hacker is take to get back al

      janice mercyjanice mercy21 dag sedan

  • Why did you do the among us song 😮?

    Gummy Heart CGummy Heart C46 minuter sedan
  • Ali is sus

    dara singhdara singh49 minuter sedan
  • Maddie Pastor

    William GeiersbachWilliam GeiersbachTimme sedan
  • This is a very BAD

    glitch  Not Ninjaglitch Not Ninja2 timmar sedan
  • 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎☝️👎👎👎👎👆

    glitch  Not Ninjaglitch Not Ninja2 timmar sedan
  • Grave 🍲 tu vas te

    Brianna SaundersBrianna Saunders3 timmar sedan
  • Do not check in the royalty family bag or else I will hack you and delete your videos and account

    Billee HingBillee Hing4 timmar sedan
  • Matt is a thief he look in the royalty family bags

    Billee HingBillee Hing4 timmar sedan
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Nasaro AbdiwahabNasaro Abdiwahab4 timmar sedan
  • Omg

    Noe MendozaNoe Mendoza5 timmar sedan
  • You are so cool

    Enas FaroukEnas Farouk5 timmar sedan
  • Rebecca. is. the. imposter

    Miguel JohnMiguel John7 timmar sedan
  • rebecca are you pregnant yess or noo

    Taraji GivensTaraji Givens7 timmar sedan
  • RebeccaZamolo

    Jason SethJason Seth9 timmar sedan
  • I love Royalty family 😘😘😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍

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  • I know Royalty family

    Shaurya RawatShaurya Rawat9 timmar sedan
  • You must learn to dance

    Jasmin AktarJasmin Aktar11 timmar sedan
  • You must to dance

    Jasmin AktarJasmin Aktar11 timmar sedan
  • Rebecca I love you so much but I have to the two from bag is bad because the advice is in France bag

    YasmeenYasmeen13 timmar sedan
  • Ferran

    Cookie_ *playz*1357Cookie_ *playz*135715 timmar sedan
  • Farran is the imposter

    Cookie_ *playz*1357Cookie_ *playz*135715 timmar sedan
  • Guess im the only one who isn't brain dead here

    You must be outta your mind XDYou must be outta your mind XD15 timmar sedan
  • Pink is the imposter

    Mary Jamelle SaquinMary Jamelle Saquin16 timmar sedan
  • This is a certified bruh moment

    Mohammed PlaysMohammed Plays17 timmar sedan
  • Hahaha

    Alexis GomezAlexis Gomez18 timmar sedan
  • Ferran looks a little fat with that belly

    Catherine WathenCatherine Wathen19 timmar sedan
  • Shut up why are you calling us saying Zamm Fanwhy do you keep calling people that is so freaking annoying just shut up you’re so freaking Frick Frick Frick you I’m unsubscribing Frick Frick Frick Frock

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    Todea-kay ThomasTodea-kay Thomas22 timmar sedan
  • BBI

    Arieana ReidArieana Reid22 timmar sedan
  • Impostor was ferren

    Matthew McClureMatthew McClure22 timmar sedan
  • Matt was so sus

    Mariel HerzogMariel Herzog22 timmar sedan
  • Man... I missed u I forgot u still did yt

    savannahannah33savannahannah3323 timmar sedan
  • Look it up ferron backpack

    Carleton CranfordCarleton Cranford23 timmar sedan
  • Rebecca is the imposter

    Gigi GigiGigi GigiDag sedan
  • matt is ry funnyhes my fav

    Princess Marita CaudellPrincess Marita CaudellDag sedan
  • Lol today is 2711

    I want to have DonutsI want to have DonutsDag sedan
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  • Hi

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  • "Your not really pregnant Matt"😹😹😹😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Is it a Coincidence that today is November 27 2020 and that's what Maddie said

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  • Do you want to take their device

    Ariele HolmesAriele HolmesDag sedan
  • Feran is the inposter in round 2

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  • He reset and went into your the thing what

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  • The church is in the church

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  • Your one of my favorites

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  • Is Rebecca zamolo pregnant

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  • Royalty fam is not sus there are nice like you

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  • Yoooow it is me the one who is eve but i know that it is the royalty family

    pong canetepong caneteDag sedan
  • Bob

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  • Subscribe to the royalty family and ofc dont forget about rebbeccaZ, matt and rebbecca, gmn and more!!!

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  • Hallo is. Pienat. Gan

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  • Omg the royalty family omg hiiiiiiii royalty family. Yayayayayay omg hihihi

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  • Ail

    Juan Manuel Sanchez AvalosJuan Manuel Sanchez AvalosDag sedan
  • Guys round number one is rebeca was the imposter i saw rebeca wen you pick the paper i saw rebeca cheandet

    Team NuevoTeam NuevoDag sedan
  • Am I Cute😜

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  • I love all of you

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  • i play amung us my amung us name is pumpkin

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  • Well three family man you met Rebecca is the imposter I swear

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  • I love you guys and the Royalty family

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  • Why did the girl like have a pink T-shirt bring that was so funny

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  • HH went inside your house and to to mother bored you would never trust HH right?

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  • I think it is a gun

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  • I’m looking in the description and I see links to unspeakable, the royalty family, and 123 go.

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  • I think it is Zoey Because you know have that hat too So I have to be so Zoey Bye bye

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  • Matt: I am pregnant 😎 Rebecca: YOU ARE NOT PREGNANT MATT 🤦‍♀️

    Bekzod TairovBekzod Tairov2 dagar sedan
    • Zqrq

      Storm SilvermistStorm Silvermist2 dagar sedan
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  • I am a hacker that can hack into anything with time Daniel Robbie Rob Rebecca Maddie Matt erson right now if I wanted but I'm the projector leader.

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