Maddie’s First Date with Ex Boyfriend Crush! (Kiss Gone Wrong) | Rebecca Zamolo

22 jul 2020
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Rebecca Zamolo planned the first double date with Maddie and her ex boyfriend crush on a boat. Matt and Rebecca thought Matt lost keys to the boat and they were stranded in last to leave wins first date challenge doing tik toks. The Game Master network competed in a last to leave hot tub wins date with crush challenge and now Maddie gets to go on a first date. Rebecca decides to surprise Maddie by planning the entire first date. To begin, they start crushing soft and crunchy things with our car including squishies with her ex boyfriend’s face on it. Matt decides to spy and trick Maddie with a laxative in her drink. After they make tiktoks Rebecca sets up the second part of the date in the backyard. Her cousin in the game master network might get a first kiss. Matt gives Robbie Rob bad advice and it fails. Hopefully the cute couple can get a first kiss on their private date or will it be defeated? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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  • We are getting close to 10 Million in the ZAMFAM- Subscribe if you havent'! Do you think Maddie has a crush on Robbie Rob?

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  • They think 65 degrees is cold It is literaly like -1 in winter where i live..... LOL

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  • Matt is pranking Maddie because he does not want them to date

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  • The RHS were fitting Robby rob before he came to the date

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  • Noooo🍩🍩

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  • matts prank

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  • rbeca is not how you fink she is its rz twin

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  • 110 squishy

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  • Matt do a toilette paper

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  • You should confront matt

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  • When you said that Robbie rob is in traffic he was fighting the red hood spy

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  • Guys you should’ve figured this out by now Robbie Rob is agent r

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  • Robby Rob is with the red hood spy

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  • Nooo matt your going roonit the date matt

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  • GO RADDIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Matt is going to let Robbie Rob eat the onions and Maddie he got the laxative so like you can like go to the bathroom

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  • Yes I think Maddie is ready to go on a date and Matt is going to ruin the day he's not going to leave you guys or have a date

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  • yes

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  • matt is really mean and rude in this video

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  • yes tell maddie that i know she has a crush on robbie robb

    Luli OrtegaLuli OrtegaDag sedan
  • Rebeca look at your TV Zoey needs help I know she betrayed you but you still need to help her!!!

    Gina CamachoGina CamachoDag sedan
  • matt dont prank maddie shell be mad

    tasharaily druiventaktasharaily druiventakDag sedan
  • Mat got so mad

    Izabela ReyesIzabela ReyesDag sedan
  • Agent Ds name is David or Davidson

    kiana Riedykiana RiedyDag sedan
  • Maddie says she does not like Robby rob yet she go’s on a date with him

    Madison Thomson-CloverMadison Thomson-Clover2 dagar sedan
  • I. So. This. Rekcan

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  • Sorry rebecca zamolo but I did not mean to do it. .....,

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  • Ordre de date Meylo Ise un iPhone

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  • Robbie Rob had a battle royal with the R.H.S (red hood spys )

    Tamzyn BakkerTamzyn Bakker2 dagar sedan
  • mabbie says:It is kayda weird that my crush is crushing may ex boyfriends glasses

    sofialoreen santossofialoreen santos2 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca Matt dumped you he has an other girl friend and has a wedding planed as well

    Zainab AhtishamZainab Ahtisham2 dagar sedan
  • Matt is pranking you guy's

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  • Matt stop😡

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  • RZ Twin says to Rebecca to get Robby rob. I Don't know how to spell ok .

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  • Matt STOOOOOOOOOOOOOP STOPED MATT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Hi Rebecca zamolo I love your videos a lot and I want to see you one day

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  • I love rebbeca zocalo tho

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  • Not tryin to be rude but Matt is kinda mean and annoying

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