Giant Clue Game in Real Life Part 2! (House Takeover to Save RZ Twin) | Rebecca Zamolo

30 maj 2020
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Rebecca Zamolo and her best friends challenge hackers to a giant clue game in real life to finally defeat Al!
Rebecca Zamolo became best friends with hackers for 24 hours with her cousin Maddie and it was a bad idea. Matt and Rebecca were surprised when Daniel found Game Master living in our house while searching for clues to save his crush RZ twin. The queen of gems escaped while the game master network tried crushing soft and crunchy things with their Tesla X and is still missing. Rebecca and Matt decide to throw a clue in real life dinner party with all the top hackers to defeat Al. Daniel and Maddie try to help the couple prepare for the house takeover by tricking Al but it doesn’t work. We use the game master device to put Al into sleep mode for one hour. The hackers arrive in masquerade ball masks and carry spy gadgets. Rebecca gives the first speech but the queen of gems surprises everyone and traps us in the house. The first challenge is the death straw challenge and Maddie gets into the elimination round. The red hood loses and thinks the Halloween Hacker lied to her. The hackers all play roblox and must be first to find the four digit code. Rebecca doesn’t know who to trust. Inside the movie theater we see a hunger games board with an x on each eliminated hacker. Everyone hears a scream and runs into our studio except Maddie. The queen of gems has turned it tnto an escape room in real life where we must solve clues and riddles. Hacksaw does a face reveal after he hacks into Rebecca’s phone and we learn it’s Rocky. Time is running out to save RZ twin so Matt makes a secret deal with Mr. X to let him inside the tunnel. The hackers are skilled at 1 vs 1 play on Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite and Piggy. Can we defeat Al before the Queen of Gems takes over? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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    Rebecca ZamoloRebecca Zamolo5 månader sedan
    • @Fathiya Ali ihgm

      Susana HernandezSusana Hernandez9 dagar sedan
    • Queen of gems If you watch your video in a corner or in the dark the queen of gems is there 🙁

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    • 11p11p

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    • Hi

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    • Rebecca Zamolo so the Halloween hacker

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  • Hakcsok is rockky

    yen chenzyen chenz31 minut sedan
  • Mister green is chambers

    Pawan KothariPawan KothariTimme sedan
  • I love the part when matt tried to go to the front door but failed and had a little funny angry face

    Sabrina VinaleSabrina VinaleTimme sedan
  • hack saw is rocky

    alison cortezalison cortez4 timmar sedan

  • RZ twin save the day yayyyyyyyy

    Gabriela Adina RefaeliGabriela Adina Refaeli4 timmar sedan
  • RZ twin is nice and helps you in the latest episodes you posted

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  • The Queen of gems .

    Christine StevensonChristine Stevenson5 timmar sedan
  • The queen of gems should play roblox with me and im going to bete her

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  • hi

    K_ir0ΨK_ir0Ψ10 timmar sedan
  • It’s Riley the one with the pointy mask

    Kirsty WalkerKirsty Walker10 timmar sedan
  • it is roce

    Mackenzie LyterMackenzie Lyter11 timmar sedan
  • i haved subscribers

    Anthony ToddAnthony Todd11 timmar sedan
  • The one with the pointy mask is Kurt

    Kirsty WalkerKirsty Walker11 timmar sedan
  • Mr green

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  • Rocky

    Tyler lydon sharrardTyler lydon sharrard12 timmar sedan
  • i know

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  • I love you

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  • Danile rz twin is getting weeker

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  • And the green of gems is awake

    Joni WellingtonJoni Wellington13 timmar sedan
  • rz twin went in a door in the game masters lair the queen of gems tock her there.

    Joni WellingtonJoni Wellington13 timmar sedan
  • That is Rocky don’t get in I’m calling mom

    ted sturgillted sturgill13 timmar sedan
  • Are you talking to that is what is your friends

    ted sturgillted sturgill13 timmar sedan
  • She njj iTunes can do

    Michelle LeyvaMichelle Leyva15 timmar sedan
  • hi

    Emil BensonEmil Benson16 timmar sedan
  • Rebecca Mr. ask from the queen of gems back alive you guys want it Matt to give Mr. ask the queen of gems Cuz bring her back alive

    Keagan McSwineKeagan McSwine16 timmar sedan
  • Hi

    MissBx JoMissBx Jo17 timmar sedan
  • The queen did al

    Fatma HamzaFatma Hamza18 timmar sedan
  • rz twin is in the red room

    fatimah almotaserfatimah almotaser21 timme sedan
  • Rebecca had the black light in the last clue irl in the red hood mansion

    bff show 101bff show 10122 timmar sedan
  • The one controlling al is me green aka cambers h rztwin is behind one of the Queen of gems doors

    Alexis TivnerAlexis TivnerDag sedan
  • Hey Maddie I’m your biggest fan ever you are really pretty Maddie how are you doing Maddie agent r you deserve better Matt never Wanted your heart to be broken Matt Rebecca love you Maddie your sister Rachel by the way the one who is controlling al Maddie you don’t need a boyfriend because your perfect just the way you are🌈🌈🌈💙💙💙💙💛💛💛🎂🎂🍪🍪🛍🛍 zamfam forever

    Alexis TivnerAlexis TivnerDag sedan
  • that Mr x that is behind him was Mr white

    Ibrahim AbdelwahabIbrahim AbdelwahabDag sedan
  • Is Rocky safe

    Sofia IldefonsoSofia IldefonsoDag sedan
  • In the tunnel

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  • School(20

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  • Lolololollolololololololololololololololololololololololololo

    Yesenia FajardoYesenia FajardoDag sedan
  • You guys Rebecca and Maddie you need to know that but I don’t tell the rest of them my name Annabelle so Rebecca your twin is in the game master level the one in the middle on the right

    Carrissa HyattCarrissa HyattDag sedan
  • Mr green

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  • ❤️💜💕 💕 🤍💛❤️💜🤍🤍💕💕💕💛😻

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  • It's so scary! Then and it's dark and night 🌃 and it's November near Christmas 🎄 🌨️🏂❄️⛄☃️

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  • RC twin went to the queen of jem's house

    Timm RhymerTimm RhymerDag sedan
  • Congrats fo 1M

  • i love you so much your my idol plz see this

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  • Break the classes

    Amrish PatelAmrish PatelDag sedan
  • Rz twin is in the doll house and she is getting weak

    cookie monster crew CMCcookie monster crew CMCDag sedan
  • Hello Chris

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  • I recognize his voice

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  • One of them is rocky

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  • hackers c

    ealina77ealina77Dag sedan
  • From Maggie‘s room there is how are Z twin

    Arlene ShresthaArlene ShresthaDag sedan
  • When daniele was going to the outside tunnel when he was looking for Rz twin she was with the queen of gems in the tunnel that Danielle was going to look for rz twin but then when Danielle got in the tunnel the queen of Jems and Rz twin disappeared

    Jamilah AlkhaldiJamilah AlkhaldiDag sedan
  • 🥇🥈🥉

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  • RZ twin is week

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  • ok i subscribe

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  • Am I the only...wait ROCKY I was not expecting that

    Avery KirkpatrickAvery Kirkpatrick2 dagar sedan
  • Queen of gems is considered al and Queen of gems tok rz twin!!

    likeelikee2 dagar sedan
  • Yes

    Athena BonittoAthena Bonitto2 dagar sedan
  • Yes

    Athena BonittoAthena Bonitto2 dagar sedan
  • No

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  • i am really to play

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  • I think hh is controlling al

    ExzifyyExzifyy2 dagar sedan
  • maddie is so pretty

    Olivia LaBonteOlivia LaBonte2 dagar sedan
  • Yes Ozzy RC twin

    Avary GillAvary Gill2 dagar sedan
  • Oh I guess it's not Daniel I guess it's Maddie I guess

    Avary GillAvary Gill2 dagar sedan
  • He said queen that means that means that means that means he wants to clean because because contract her

    Avary GillAvary Gill2 dagar sedan
  • You saw this creepy human she said and guess what you saw this queen of gems that's the one have already twin you need to trap her that was Queen of gems trapper in the tiny room trapper in the tiny house unlock every single doors and she needs to do a lie detector test about all all the Aussie twins stuff

    Avary GillAvary Gill2 dagar sedan
  • I know you going to find Aussie twins but she's going to help you open the door just try to hold her tell everybody else right now look at the comments right now we could help you guys she needs help help help help help help help her please or the twin horsey twin

    Avary GillAvary Gill2 dagar sedan
  • Matt Daniel Rebecca Maddie Aussie twin she wins Daniel you need to find her or she twins she can't she doesn't have more strength she needs more strength and they took her glasses I don't know why I don't know what this is but we need to find horsey twins big danger right now I think she's at a time I don't know where she is she said she said she told her she said tell that's why I told you this

    Avary GillAvary Gill2 dagar sedan
  • I know which one it's it's a Halloween hacker

    Avary GillAvary Gill2 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca Matt in the other room inside the tunnel that is where rztwin is at

    Emily LopezEmily Lopez2 dagar sedan
  • The queen took RZ twin into the realm I think

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  • Queen of gem's

    Rachael ToughRachael Tough2 dagar sedan
  • The Queen of gyms

    Ice team leaderIce team leader2 dagar sedan
  • In the middle are you trained in a dollhouse

    Vnaya RamosRiveraVnaya RamosRivera2 dagar sedan
  • I told y'all she was where are you train

    Vnaya RamosRiveraVnaya RamosRivera2 dagar sedan
  • Hack saw is Rocky

    Eric CoxEric Cox2 dagar sedan
  • Queen of gems is controlling AL

    Eric CoxEric Cox2 dagar sedan
  • His mask looks cool

    Ngan Siak LiangNgan Siak Liang2 dagar sedan
  • Why is Queen of gem named queen of gem

    Ngan Siak LiangNgan Siak Liang2 dagar sedan
  • rz twin was taken by the qween of jem

    Nishi SHUKLANishi SHUKLA2 dagar sedan
  • It's not daniel it's the Queen of Gems i primes

    Ericka PandoEricka Pando2 dagar sedan
  • I think it's Mr Green I think he is in the a GMI

    Fay RagFay Rag2 dagar sedan
  • Does anybody else think that Daniel has a crush on RZ twin 😜

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  • Hack saw is rocky

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  • Halloween hacker

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  • U can do it to twin we believe in u

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  • Tú eres ayuno del rey hay un si es

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  • Definitely AJR

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  • And at roblox

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  • I'm better at Minecraft than anyone

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  • Queen of gems is responsible of everything that’s happening right now😡😡

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  • Dr green did cheat

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  • 😔 😡 💕 👂

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  • Ahahahahahhahahah it then ahahaaaaa oh aQksk

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  • I dont think any of the hackers are behind Al i think its danial

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  • I love your vids

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