Giant Dating Game In Real Life to Find Best Friend Crush!

21 mar 2020
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After Rebecca Zamolo spent 24 Hours Trapped with Best Friend inside Movie Theater in Our New House, Matt and Rebecca uploaded “Surprising my Best Friends with their Dream Car and Racing them For $10,000” The Real Game Master created “Last to Leave Tiny House Wins It and $10,000!”, then the Game Master Incorporated posted “Coke and Mentos Experiment to Win Tiny Safe House!.” Rebecca sets up a giant dating game for her best friend Zoe because she’s never had a boyfriend and is looking for love. The GMI agents must go in disguise just like when they pranked the girls at a coffee shop. 3 of the contestants are missing so Agent S surprises us with hackers like the fake game master, Q from the Quadrant and another mysterious person. Rebecca doesn’t trust any of them until they do a face reveal. Its Daniel! Matt has to rescue them by dressing up just like Agent S. The first to lose wins the last to leave dating game. Rebecca is in disguise in her giant house but Zoe can’t know its her. Matt wants to quit and be find his family. It is broken down into 3 rounds and everyone is in disguise. It gets funny when they try a tik tok for the first time. Next they do the bite it, lick it or nothing challenge. After everyone is eliminated it is down 4 people. Matt is looking for the secret hidden note in the tunnel. Before they go on their first date and kiss, Q goes missing. Rebecca and Matt go into the backyard to search for him and it looks like he escaped into a tunnel. Do we need to find him? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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