Matt is Jealous of Rebecca’s New Best Friend! Spending 24 hours as Queen and King!

23 jun 2020
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Matt is jealous of Rebecca's new best friend when they spend 24 hours as King and Queen!
Rebecca Zamolo began surprising Connor with SEworld graduation 2020 to reveal secret crush. Matt and Rebecca then revealed Matt has accident during jumping through impossible shapes challenge and it was a bad idea. The Game Master network competed in the 5 steps forward challenge for trust and did funny tricks and secrets. Rebecca takes Matt, Daniel, and Maddie inside the realm to meet her new best friend Orion using the portal transmitter for the first time. When they arrive everyone realizes they are royalty except for Daniel. Daniel is a funny court jester and must tell jokes for 24 hours. Rebecca tells Matt about Orion who is her new best friend. Matt is jealous and thinks he has a crush on Rebecca. When they arrive at Orion’s fairy tale cottage they reveal someone broke in. Matt and Daniel split up and start searching for clues in the backyard while Rebecca and Maddie put on their spy detective hats inside. Rebecca finds a clue using a game master black light and decodes part of a message with her decoder ring. Matt and Daniel do the bottle flip challenge and win. Daniel found a buried safe that looks like a treasure chest. What’s inside is a bunch of money. Rebecca’s face is on the $10,000 dollar bill. Could Rebecca be royalty and the Queen of Zamron? Maddie is scared of ghosts and decodes that the queen of gems is looking for them. start searching for Connor and get back to the portal. When Rebecca gets back home she finds a note and it says Connor has left the game master network. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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    Rebecca ZamoloRebecca Zamolo5 månader sedan
    • that's what you meant.

      firdes vasijafirdes vasijaDag sedan
    • OREO is hypnotised he is working with the Queen of gems

      H A KH A K19 dagar sedan
    • @Shul stuff 8

      Daniel ZigaDaniel Ziga20 dagar sedan
    • 😂🎉💝 Hi Rebecca I like this video because it's funny love

      yoyolonda1yoyolonda121 dag sedan
    • Guys Orin is bad the qween of gems are spaying on you!!!

      Amy StockAmy StockMånad sedan
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  • O

    Georgina HammondGeorgina Hammond12 timmar sedan
  • Orio got him

    Aliah MendozaAliah Mendoza14 timmar sedan
  • Uno times

    TheIyesha1TheIyesha123 timmar sedan
  • 1 one time impossible shape

    Yara SoffyaYara SoffyaDag sedan
  • 2 times

    Kimberly BeamonKimberly BeamonDag sedan
  • 200%

    Kim SumnerKim SumnerDag sedan
  • 100%

    Kim SumnerKim SumnerDag sedan
  • I saw oreon behind you when matt and daniel are talikng

    Ma.Kymberly GarciaMa.Kymberly GarciaDag sedan
  • The dump Oregon guy told him to go home here without your house

    Janai CroweJanai CroweDag sedan
  • I kind of feel like someone’s watching me Rebecca

    Kayla BurkheadKayla BurkheadDag sedan
  • Orion is hypnotized

    Judy PriceJudy PriceDag sedan
  • Oc means orion's cottage,Qb queens bunker and Cw means cottage in the woods i think so yeah

    Hannah NoblezaHannah NoblezaDag sedan
  • Orion is at your place

    Clarisse Gale ChavezClarisse Gale Chavez2 dagar sedan
  • Go get those cupcakes Maddie!!!!

    Ypung WolfYpung Wolf2 dagar sedan
  • Bruh his joke is not a joke

    Ypung WolfYpung Wolf2 dagar sedan
  • 1

    Ibrahim BayoIbrahim Bayo2 dagar sedan
  • I met orion

    Ali AliAli Ali2 dagar sedan
  • Ores is at the back when Matt and Daniel were talking about conner

    Ali AliAli Ali2 dagar sedan
    • It’s orion

      Ypung WolfYpung Wolf2 dagar sedan
  • OK Google Portal

    Kaydence SolleKaydence Solle2 dagar sedan
  • 4

    Noor FatimaNoor Fatima2 dagar sedan
  • Reabaca somebody is watching you guys

    Bilan MohamedBilan Mohamed2 dagar sedan
  • at 16:59 the was a person washing you guys he had a mask on and he was dressed in white

    squirmy.Samantha Samsquirmy.Samantha Sam2 dagar sedan
  • Maddie: Maybe this is where we'll find Oreo! Rebecca: Orion but yeah! Me: BAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Alexandria AudreyAlexandria Audrey2 dagar sedan
  • Becca you should’ve never trusted him because she is going to count all you

    Lizette ZarateLizette Zarate2 dagar sedan
  • When he sees I’m gonna get one of your Murch

    Lizette ZarateLizette Zarate2 dagar sedan
  • Bunana Zahan

    Bunana ZahanBunana Zahan3 dagar sedan
  • One time

    Kaliah DontfredKaliah Dontfred3 dagar sedan
  • 3uygtt

    Richard LwambaRichard Lwamba3 dagar sedan
  • The book said the queen and I means he is working for the queen of gems it makes sense

    margaret benniemargaret bennie3 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca you can’t trust Orien

    Kingkeo DepeKingkeo Depe3 dagar sedan
  • Orion was at Matt and Daniel at 14:00 He Is Himnotized 🐥🐥🐶🐶

    Scarlgaming25Scarlgaming253 dagar sedan
  • Orion is at your house He talked to Connor That’s why Connor was late and didn’t make it to the other realm So Orion is at your house with Connor

    Scarlgaming25Scarlgaming253 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca came through the portal one or two times I don’t know just saying that Matt they were just close friends but not that close OK Matt😒😒

    Itela NItela N4 dagar sedan
  • yes

    Maria HernandezMaria Hernandez4 dagar sedan
  • QB is the bunker it stands for Queens Bunker

    Abbey HardingAbbey Harding4 dagar sedan
  • Orion plan this

    Hey HaidzHey Haidz4 dagar sedan
  • I Tock the screen shot tho hahaha

    Jean Rose SasamotoJean Rose Sasamoto5 dagar sedan
  • He was behind Matt after you guys got off the pool thing then he told coner to go home and tell you that he is home sick

    Jean Rose SasamotoJean Rose Sasamoto5 dagar sedan

    Daisy GomezDaisy Gomez5 dagar sedan
  • Oreo was at your home

    Manaia EdenManaia Eden5 dagar sedan

    Daisy GomezDaisy Gomez5 dagar sedan
  • 1st

    Kate TraylerKate Trayler5 dagar sedan
  • 92

    Aaliyah HaqAaliyah Haq5 dagar sedan
  • And more he is spying he got hypnotized

    shilpa tibrewalshilpa tibrewal6 dagar sedan
  • I am sry missed it a little

    socorro garciasocorro garcia6 dagar sedan
  • Orin is evil

    makesha Hindsmakesha Hinds6 dagar sedan
  • the gamemaster got him\

  • Hi rebbeca remember when you said the queen of gems hypnotized evryone ecsept Oreon well I think the queen of gems kidnapped Oreon and then hypnotized Oreon and sorry if my spelling isn’t all spelled right

    Alyssa VasquezAlyssa Vasquez7 dagar sedan
    • Rebecca*

      jessica gamer robolx stadelbauerjessica gamer robolx stadelbauer7 dagar sedan
  • Hireku

    Stephanie AStephanie A7 dagar sedan
    • Hi

      Stephanie AStephanie A7 dagar sedan
  • Hi you is my friend in

    Jasmine WestJasmine West7 dagar sedan
  • ♦️

    Z EllisZ Ellis7 dagar sedan
  • Orion is there

    Z EllisZ Ellis7 dagar sedan
  • Ok orion somehow found to get to ur realm and i think orion said to connor that said pretend to be home sick

    Zeline NahtaniaZeline Nahtania7 dagar sedan
  • Orian is spying on u that's why u got goose bumps

    Deep DayalDeep Dayal7 dagar sedan
  • bhind you

    Shayden HufftShayden Hufft8 dagar sedan
  • Orion is bad orion is working with the Queen of gems and Mr. X

    Sarah NandiniSarah Nandini8 dagar sedan
  • I think 2 or 3 times

    Sarah NandiniSarah Nandini8 dagar sedan
  • Oc means orion cabord

    Laura HaddadLaura Haddad8 dagar sedan
  • Matt is so funny

    Laura HaddadLaura Haddad8 dagar sedan
  • Everyone vote 4 Maddie goals with Robbie Rob

    Brittany HermanBrittany Herman8 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca I'll see Oregon He wasn't kidnapped I think He betrayed you he Hiding at the window but Hi run somewhere and go hi back with you I want you guys to find him literally so You got to sing kaleah I don't fine Hi somewhere else☺🤔

    Kaleah ForbesKaleah Forbes8 dagar sedan
  • 4

    Penny JacksonPenny Jackson8 dagar sedan
  • 𝓞𝓻𝓔𝓸

    Stop Motion Top queenStop Motion Top queen8 dagar sedan
  • 2 or 3 times

    Adam Hernandez JrAdam Hernandez Jr8 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca qb means queen bunker

    Ubah MohaUbah Moha8 dagar sedan
  • 261816218813263315128

    Antonio LanduAntonio Landu8 dagar sedan
  • orion is with Conner there were talking

    Jazmine WigginsJazmine Wiggins9 dagar sedan
  • qb stands for queens buncker and oc stands for oreons cottege

    Tiff BoydTiff Boyd9 dagar sedan
  • 1 Time

    unicorn loverunicorn lover9 dagar sedan
  • the numbers spellt the queen of gems took me btw Orion is bad and working whith the queen of gems and was spying on matt and daniel

    William McveyWilliam Mcvey9 dagar sedan
    • i got u

      William McveyWilliam Mcvey9 dagar sedan
    • i bet u 5 pounds u read the outher post

      William McveyWilliam Mcvey9 dagar sedan
    • if u read my post like my post

      William McveyWilliam Mcvey9 dagar sedan
  • i knew it

    rachel soarrachel soar9 dagar sedan
  • I saw something black on the window when Rebecca thougth that The Queen of Gems was there the thing

    Ella Ferine SalongaElla Ferine Salonga9 dagar sedan
  • i love you rebbeca but why did you have to open the bottle with your feet when u can just unscrew the bottle and take out the letter but anyway i love your vids!!!!!!!❤❤😍😍😘😘💕💕

    Martha SoanesMartha Soanes10 dagar sedan
  • Rebeca:Oreo the she says oreon the oeorn

    Sarblox GamingSarblox Gaming10 dagar sedan
  • Lexi

    Elizabeth RamosElizabeth Ramos10 dagar sedan
  • Orion is evil don't trust him.

    Annemarie SanchezAnnemarie Sanchez10 dagar sedan
  • I now it

    Hannah TownsendHannah Townsend10 dagar sedan
  • Math behind you

    Aranza AguilarAranza Aguilar11 dagar sedan
  • 0

    Melissa BaileyMelissa Bailey12 dagar sedan
  • The 7 the 7 the 7

    Gianne SandifordGianne Sandiford12 dagar sedan
  • 👇🏼

    Deema AlsultanDeema Alsultan12 dagar sedan
  • Orion was helping the queen of Jems and the “sitter of the queen”

    Aily ArguetaAily Argueta13 dagar sedan
  • I saw him when Matt and Daniel were talking about the money they found and Daniel was saying to Matt at least your 1,000

    XxAilsaXx aXxAilsaXx a13 dagar sedan
  • I saw oreaon

    XxAilsaXx aXxAilsaXx a13 dagar sedan
  • L laugh when you say Oreo when it’s orion

    Neon Light PlayzNeon Light Playz13 dagar sedan
  • i dont think orien can be trusted

    Julianna AdekunleJulianna Adekunle13 dagar sedan
  • orien was watching daniel and matt

    Julianna AdekunleJulianna Adekunle13 dagar sedan
  • a 100 times when you guys are doing something.

    Cynthia KamaraCynthia Kamara13 dagar sedan
  • He is at QB QB means queens bunker

    Christi FlemingChristi Fleming13 dagar sedan
  • 7

    Aizes and Aiden FuntimeAizes and Aiden Funtime13 dagar sedan
  • is 1

    Lynnea Faye BasuelLynnea Faye Basuel13 dagar sedan
  • Oreoin was behind maddie and rebecca in the window

    Edge SpaceEdge Space14 dagar sedan
  • The friend is so bad 👎

    Hanin AhmadHanin Ahmad14 dagar sedan
  • orion is ther

    Janely ChaconJanely Chacon14 dagar sedan
  • 100

    Janely ChaconJanely Chacon14 dagar sedan
  • rebecca whent to the portle 4

    ivan lopezivan lopez15 dagar sedan
  • Zanfam PasaDi ok I Love

    Nissanka pathmakumaraNissanka pathmakumara15 dagar sedan