Using only ONE COLOR to Trick Your Best Friends! Rebecca Zamolo

2 okt 2020
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Rebecca tricks Maddie by dying her hair pink!

Rebecca Zamolo created the hot vs cold challenge as a cheerleader girl on fire vs icy girl to to trick Daniel who is among us. Matt and Rebecca then decided to take off mask for face reveal or truth. I spent 24 hours duct taped to RHS. The Game master network uploaded a clown broke into our house in an extreme hide and seek challenge. Now, Rebecca and her best friends are home alone in real life and decide to trick each other for 24 hours. The best trick wins a secret meeting with Mr. nice guy to retrieve the mystery device. Matt starts it off by scaring the girls by pretending to be a bush. Rebecca and Maddie do the shampoo trick on Matt and he is colored in blue and pink paint. Rebecca gets mad at Maddie when the truth is revealed that she dyed her hair blue in the hot vs cold cheerleader challenge. Rebecca tricks Matt by doing the best magic trick on him but instead gets lipstick on his face. Do you think that this might turn into a hot vs cold challenge like the cheerleader girl on fire vs icy girl? Matt thinks he is the trick king but keeps failing kind of like a fails compilation. Who do you think did the best diy trick at home with best friends? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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    Rebecca ZamoloRebecca ZamoloMånad sedan
    • Matt

      Nolan HiZNolan HiZ13 dagar sedan
    • Rebecca Yes

      Crissa DeWittCrissa DeWitt13 dagar sedan
    • Teen green

      Jayshawn WardJayshawn Ward15 dagar sedan
    • Mr blue

      Gaynor RomanGaynor RomanMånad sedan
    • Hii

      Mj BMj BMånad sedan
  • Awesome Awesomest person

    KennethKenneth24 minuter sedan
  • Daddy that was so funny

    KennethKenneth25 minuter sedan
  • Me That was that funny I think team blue

    KennethKenneth26 minuter sedan
  • Rebecca

    Heather LaneHeather LaneTimme sedan
  • pek

    Kael FletcherKael FletcherTimme sedan
  • Team blue😝😗

    Daisy RodriguezDaisy RodriguezTimme sedan
  • Rebecca and Maddie

    Tammy EnglishTammy EnglishTimme sedan
  • mab

    Kael FletcherKael FletcherTimme sedan
  • Matt

    Jessica herradaJessica herradaTimme sedan
  • No Matt

    Jessica herradaJessica herradaTimme sedan
  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Jessica herradaJessica herradaTimme sedan
  • Pink squad

    Baby movie Star 101Baby movie Star 101Timme sedan
  • Pink squad

    Jessica herradaJessica herradaTimme sedan
  • rebecca

    Elena CanoElena CanoTimme sedan
  • pink squad

    Natasha ThompsonNatasha ThompsonTimme sedan
  • Team pink

    Erik EntingerErik EntingerTimme sedan
  • Matt be smarter come on every one can see you

    Erik EntingerErik Entinger2 timmar sedan
  • Pink squad

    Erik EntingerErik Entinger2 timmar sedan
  • Blue squad

    Kerrie BennettKerrie Bennett2 timmar sedan
  • Yes

    Sam PSam P2 timmar sedan
  • Green is my favorite color

    Javier ArellanoJavier Arellano2 timmar sedan
  • green

    Daniya SkinnerDaniya Skinner2 timmar sedan
  • One team is

    Oscar RuizOscar Ruiz2 timmar sedan
  • Team blue

    Rosa CastellanosRosa Castellanos2 timmar sedan
  • Teem penk

    Chris GempelerChris Gempeler2 timmar sedan
  • Team Pink

  • She’s the best at pranks but I really want plain pink squad to win

    Ji Yeon KimJi Yeon Kim3 timmar sedan
  • team pink

    Rihanna LewisRihanna Lewis3 timmar sedan
  • Yes

    Erika GonzalezErika Gonzalez3 timmar sedan
  • All of u

    Erika GonzalezErika Gonzalez3 timmar sedan
  • No??

    Erika GonzalezErika Gonzalez3 timmar sedan
  • hi

    Ruby GalvanRuby Galvan3 timmar sedan
  • Ewww hehehaha green is the color of 💨

    Erika GonzalezErika Gonzalez4 timmar sedan
  • Team pink! Is the best!

    Daniel ReynaDaniel Reyna4 timmar sedan
  • Pink squad

    Brenda FritschiBrenda Fritschi4 timmar sedan
  • Its team pink

    Marivic JaspioMarivic Jaspio4 timmar sedan
  • Maddie Rebecca's pranking you with pink permanent Paint And you're not gonna like it because it's kind Stain your hair And you're gonna be so mad you're gonna

    Stacy SullivanStacy Sullivan4 timmar sedan
  • Team pink won

    Plaza DaughtersPlaza Daughters4 timmar sedan

    manal abazeedmanal abazeed4 timmar sedan
  • Team pink

    Jonathan JohnJonathan John4 timmar sedan
  • I love Maddie’s hair and I think that Maddie one sorry Rebecca and Matt

    Ella Bassett And EB twinElla Bassett And EB twin4 timmar sedan
  • Pink squad!

    Manuel CarreraManuel Carrera4 timmar sedan
  • Rebecca cheated she told Maddie that Matt was in the green suit hiding to scare Maddie

    Ella Bassett And EB twinElla Bassett And EB twin5 timmar sedan
  • Matt let Maddie date and green one

    Kaylianna ColeKaylianna Cole5 timmar sedan
  • Blue squad

    summit8283summit82835 timmar sedan
  • How did it get so perfect blue on one side and pink on the other side

    Ella Bassett And EB twinElla Bassett And EB twin5 timmar sedan
  • Mat is no t the best Prank girl in the world you’re the worst

    Kate EastKate East5 timmar sedan
  • Blue squad

    karen prietokaren prieto5 timmar sedan
  • Let. Maddie. Date

    Brittany HermanBrittany Herman5 timmar sedan
  • Pink spuad

    Adriana CalderonAdriana Calderon5 timmar sedan
  • Matt is the best pranker

    Cinthia GomezCinthia Gomez5 timmar sedan
  • Pink

    Marvin GonzalezMarvin Gonzalez5 timmar sedan
  • Team blue

    Kortnie MeadowsKortnie Meadows5 timmar sedan
  • 13:51 how did Maddie not know it was a prank it’s a pink egg

    kit1kat9kit1kat95 timmar sedan
  • Team pink won

    The Family SquadThe Family Squad6 timmar sedan
  • You have makeup and your face

    Marvin GonzalezMarvin Gonzalez6 timmar sedan
  • Team pink

    Abbie McFarlandAbbie McFarland6 timmar sedan
  • I did

    Piper DeanPiper Dean6 timmar sedan
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

    jaden gamingjaden gaming6 timmar sedan
  • Team pink

    Trisha haganTrisha hagan7 timmar sedan
  • Yes I saw that

    Trisha haganTrisha hagan7 timmar sedan
  • Pink squad

    Trisha haganTrisha hagan7 timmar sedan
  • Did Maddie ever get her pink hair out

    Amaya ArtAmaya Art7 timmar sedan
  • I don’t think it’s true

    Chai TalimChai Talim7 timmar sedan
  • I love your youtube video

    Kiera OlsonKiera Olson7 timmar sedan
  • Pink sqad

    Eleni DionisopoulosEleni Dionisopoulos7 timmar sedan
  • pink

    Skylar GerardoSkylar Gerardo7 timmar sedan
  • Rebecca I forgot what is channel name is but someone is lying about all your friends youtuber Friends

    Brandon GlandonBrandon Glandon8 timmar sedan
  • I like Maddys pink hair

    GiraffelesGiraffeles8 timmar sedan
  • No

    Stephanie MaltererStephanie Malterer8 timmar sedan
  • Team blue

    Toni ArnoldToni Arnold8 timmar sedan
  • Pink is going to win

    Nichole MillerNichole Miller8 timmar sedan
  • Pink team

    Savanna HarveySavanna Harvey8 timmar sedan
  • I like you

    Nichole MillerNichole Miller8 timmar sedan
  • I need you

    Nichole MillerNichole Miller8 timmar sedan
  • i think maddiedid great

    Mulu BekeleMulu Bekele8 timmar sedan
  • I think team pink one

    Alexandra HernandezAlexandra Hernandez8 timmar sedan
  • Pink team win

    Eva MolyaevEva Molyaev8 timmar sedan
  • Team PINI

    Caylin BuCaylin Bu8 timmar sedan
    • I mean team pink

      Caylin BuCaylin Bu8 timmar sedan
  • Team pink

    Akech MAkech M9 timmar sedan
  • It Hass to be team pink it has a big team blue those are the best winners because my zeros on your forehead and try to guess she actually chatted but you blew think it's the queue for head and dIt Hass

  • Team pink

    Joanne BurakJoanne Burak9 timmar sedan
  • Pink team

    Brynn KnutsonBrynn Knutson9 timmar sedan
  • Maddie and Rebecca one they are the best prankster I think they should prank him

    Kaylen GibsonKaylen Gibson9 timmar sedan
  • I love you're idea

    Mark EpsteinMark Epstein9 timmar sedan
  • Not me

    Abigail DingerAbigail Dinger9 timmar sedan
  • Don't pink

    Abigail DingerAbigail Dinger9 timmar sedan
  • go matt maddie and rebecca

    Makayla O'BrienMakayla O'Brien9 timmar sedan
  • Blue

    Candice BlackwoodCandice Blackwood9 timmar sedan
  • hi

    Damodhar timsinaDamodhar timsina10 timmar sedan
  • team pink and team blue

    Gemma PithmanGemma Pithman10 timmar sedan
  • I Think Rebecca should win and you are the best youtubeer and I love you.

    Stacey VandenbergStacey Vandenberg10 timmar sedan
  • Team pink

    Kesi MesquittoKesi Mesquitto10 timmar sedan
  • Blue squad and pink squad

    Kaylen GibsonKaylen Gibson10 timmar sedan
  • rebeca and maddie you two or sisters and you can seed sorry

    LUZ SOLISLUZ SOLIS11 timmar sedan
  • Madi you he is 😍😍

    separ gombarsepar gombar11 timmar sedan
  • Team pink

    Amir OthmanAmir Othman11 timmar sedan
  • Put put her in the pool and then she needed to she needs to watch her hair

    Aya AlqazaAya Alqaza11 timmar sedan
  • Mot is bet🤔🤔

    separ gombarsepar gombar11 timmar sedan