Copying Piper Rockelle for 24 Hours! Becoming a Teenager for a Day Challenge! Rebecca Zamolo

6 sep 2020
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Rebecca Zamolo spends 24 hours becoming Piper Rockelle and challenges her boyfriend.
Rebecca Zamolo became mermaid twins for a 24 hour challenge and the winner opens new surprise mystery gift from Game Master. Matt and Rebecca reacted to a drone prank gone wrong when they found RHS spy durning diy pranks and funny tricks. The Game Master network had to decide if the Game Master good or evil in a GM network test. Rebecca’s cousin Maddie opens a mystery gift with a Piper Rockelle photo inside. Rebecca thinks copying Piper for 24 hours will help reveal secret information. Matt and Rebecca must learn a dance with the teenagers to recreate a tik tok couple. The teenagers teach Rebecca 15 ways how to sneak snacks nto the movies using diy tik tok hacks. The teenage squad doorbell ditch Logan Paul to prank him. Maddie her best friend goes through Piper’s camera roll and finds red hood spies spying on her. The squad gets back to the house and Piper reveals the other half of the QR code and teaches a hack on snapchat to scan a location. Matt returns from his package being stolen by the porch pirate and competes in the challenge. It's the last to fall on the pool. Everyone tells Rebecca what they learned and now we know what to do. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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  • TISSUE is the best way to Sneak candy in the Movie

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  • I think Emily is Piper best friend

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  • Rebecca stop please please

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  • The package thief was Daniel your cameraman

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  • someone stoll your package Matt

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  • That’s not the whole squad there missing a lot of people

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  • The beginning was so cringe

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  • I’m a teenager it is not fun growing up 😟😟😟😟

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  • Rebecca if your seeing this I’m so sick and I’m your biggest fan I would love to have a present sent by you and that would make me feel better and don’t forget I love your vids

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  • When she was bye the tree In her story I saw somthing red a cape

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  • Piper best friend name is Sophie

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  • Maddie's best friend is the purple one

  • Not lying

  • I love piper and gavins squad

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  • maddie that girl is sophie fergi her ex-bestfriend

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  • there names are shopie and levi

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  • rebecca u look like u have a hair extenion

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  • you are not a teenager .

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  • I like when mat brings the nun chucks

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  • One with the brown hair is her best friends name is Sophie

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    • Piper

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  • Is rebecca old or young

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  • Rebecca: Looks Like We Got The Whole Squad Today! Me: There’s Only 4 Of U 😂😂

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  • a guy in a mask and a cape took your package Matt

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  • If they're too hard just if I do like a picture of something else and a :-) you just got to get that okay

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  • So you guys to try to do a challenge with the Redwood spice but you should act like a resident by and get their outfit if you could defeat them and you should try to act like the Red Hood spies I when I send emojis you got to try to say what is the most viewed I'm putting down in my mask and then they want to know this cuz you cuz they always wear red

    Cesar RamirezCesar Ramirez6 dagar sedan
  • I think at the end she will have something of the Red Hood Spies of the end of her picture phone up when it's almost done cuz then it wouldn't be a lot of pictures of her with her stuff and her dog and stuff like that and if she would have the Red Hood spice then maybe she would have information about the redhead spice so I think you should ask the Red Hood spice to if it doesn't work then trying to ask Daniel to try to hack the spice to to maybe hack to hack the Red Hood Spies Like on their phone or something

    Cesar RamirezCesar Ramirez6 dagar sedan