Best Friends with Every Hacker for 24 Hours with my Cousin Maddie! (bad idea) | Rebecca Zamolo

28 maj 2020
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When Rebecca Zamolo challenged best friend Daniel to a last to leave the sauna wins challenge they found a giant clue in real life game. Matt and Rebecca were surprised when Daniel found Game Master living in our house while searching for clues to save his crush RZ twin. They thought they defeated the queen of gems but she escaped after the game master network tried crushing soft and crunchy things with their Tesla X. Rebecca must now become best friends with every hacker for 24 hours to defeat Al. Matt and Rebecca along with her cousin Maddie must go in disguise as an uber undercover to trick Mr. X and get his hacker list. We get the list and use a qr code to find the Red Hood. The Red Hood is on a first date with a crush she met on tinder. Rebecca couldn’t wait for her to get her first kiss so it made Red Hood extremely upset. She now wants to go to prom with Matt or a Masquerade Ball. Matt agrees in order to trick the hacker. They need to split up so Matt goes to get Hacksaw while Daniel is up in big bear to reveal the Halloween Hacker. Rebecca and Maddie sneak into an escape room to convince the Decoder to come to the giant dinner party in real life at our house. One of these hackers engineered Al so we need to be safe. Can we trust any of them and did we just set up a trap in our own house? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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    Rebecca ZamoloRebecca Zamolo6 månader sedan
    • Ok its because u r my favorite SEworldr

      Dayana RonquilloDayana RonquilloMånad sedan
    • Hi Rebecca zum Mollo I’m a biggest fan Matt slays😍🤪🤩😎🤬

      Harlee MonroeHarlee MonroeMånad sedan
    • ❤💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟😙😙😙😗👧👧

      Zeyad SalamaZeyad Salama2 månader sedan
    • Hi my name is kathrine I am a big fan of you Rebecca Zamlom

      Jessica FannonJessica Fannon2 månader sedan
    • Rebecca Zamolo ok

      Home HomeHome Home3 månader sedan
  • hack saw is rocky

    Venkata BumaVenkata Buma4 timmar sedan
  • I knew what Maddy now

    Ptl DriverPtl Driver4 timmar sedan
  • I see you

    Ptl DriverPtl Driver4 timmar sedan
  • I knew what Maddie was tallking about

    Emily CullenEmily Cullen4 timmar sedan
  • I think the queen of jems is controlling al

    Nadia RosolowskaNadia Rosolowska14 timmar sedan
  • hacksaw is a plague doctor and I am not sure about the other one

    Hayley MillsHayley Mills14 timmar sedan
  • ytrewsz

    Noursan HameedNoursan Hameed23 timmar sedan
  • Why does matt always have to dress up as mr.x crush like it so funny😂😂😂😂🤣🤣i cant😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣i can't😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Coria sotelo AlisonCoria sotelo AlisonDag sedan
  • The queen of gems was taken as a twin at the tunnel at your house but she but she didn't care in Irish twin in the tunnel she put her right outside of the tunnel and left her there

    yugeeta manbodhyugeeta manbodhDag sedan
  • The queen of gems was going to hypnotize Maddie

    yugeeta manbodhyugeeta manbodhDag sedan
  • The Queen of gems was at your house and she was talking with al

    yugeeta manbodhyugeeta manbodhDag sedan
  • Rz twin. mr. X

    Rachelle ToussaintRachelle ToussaintDag sedan
  • Agent c is The one That is Controlling Al Matt don't tell Rebecca

    Raquel DejarnettRaquel DejarnettDag sedan
  • Bad

    Marlon StephensMarlon StephensDag sedan
  • Mr X

    Sirrita AhmaddiyaSirrita Ahmaddiya2 dagar sedan
  • The queen of gems was spying on maddie in the kinchetn

    Demariyah KingDemariyah King2 dagar sedan
  • I think decoder or hack saw

    Foxfox and FoxerFoxfox and Foxer2 dagar sedan
  • I knew that Maddie knew

  • The Queen of the 💎 💎 💎 💎 gems was spying on Maddie when she was in the kitchen so the 👸 queen of the 💎 gems made Al she was with al the hol time she is spying on Maddie she might be following you around everywhere you better look out for her remember she is the queen of the 💎 gems 💎 she has Powers with Mr.x

  • Rz twin got trapped by the queen of James

    Mariana AdamsMariana Adams2 dagar sedan
  • Rz twin got up by

    Mariana AdamsMariana Adams2 dagar sedan
  • Bbb

    Zeina and rakan OqlahZeina and rakan Oqlah2 dagar sedan
  • Hack saw sounds funny I love minecraft and roblox but cocomelon is for baby's zoo that's funny

    Clarissa MadiganClarissa Madigan3 dagar sedan
  • He has a big nose

    Lian EhabLian Ehab3 dagar sedan
  • the queen of gems is in your house rebecca maybe its the queen of gems

    Angelina MosleyAngelina Mosley3 dagar sedan
  • Qeen of geems was in your house

    AI - 02PK 978752 Chris Hadfield PSAI - 02PK 978752 Chris Hadfield PS4 dagar sedan
  • mr x is at your home

    312C - Simone Pino312C - Simone Pino4 dagar sedan
  • q of g is the boss of al

    312C - Simone Pino312C - Simone Pino4 dagar sedan
  • AL bad

    Mohamnad BasselMohamnad Bassel4 dagar sedan
  • Mr x turned the game master bad inside of you guys's tiny house

    Jamiesha JonesJamiesha Jones4 dagar sedan
  • and I love your videos and let Maddie date Maddie should be able she is old enough jess matt let her date because you are not her dad now let her date.

    Sheila LoySheila Loy4 dagar sedan
  • let Maddie date

    Sheila LoySheila Loy4 dagar sedan
  • let Maddie date, let Maddie date, let Maddie date, let Maddie date, let Maddie date.

    Sheila LoySheila Loy4 dagar sedan
  • i am mad at you

    michael offermanmichael offerman4 dagar sedan
  • Mr X has the game master

    Saffire CrippsSaffire Cripps5 dagar sedan
  • Mr X is in the tiny house will

    Saffire CrippsSaffire Cripps5 dagar sedan
  • He looks scere

    Saffire CrippsSaffire Cripps5 dagar sedan
  • I love you. You are the best

    Saffire CrippsSaffire Cripps5 dagar sedan
  • Hi Rebecca

    Saffire CrippsSaffire Cripps5 dagar sedan
  • day

    Debra AllisonDebra Allison5 dagar sedan
  • with a mask like mr.x

    Olyvia McKenneyOlyvia McKenney5 dagar sedan
  • i saw someone

    Olyvia McKenneyOlyvia McKenney5 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    Luis PerezLuis Perez5 dagar sedan
  • Go to the house now

    Rachael KaeRachael Kae5 dagar sedan
  • AL. Wawawawawawawawawaw

    Stephanie MaltererStephanie Malterer5 dagar sedan
  • Yes

    ted sturgillted sturgill5 dagar sedan
  • Mr.Xis the top hacker because he always hyponatiz people to follow his rules

    Alexa’s PlayhouseAlexa’s Playhouse5 dagar sedan
  • The Queen of Gems has RZ Twin and I think they went into the attic and I think the hacker controlling Al is Hack Saw and I think Mr X is making a plan with the other hackers

    bff show 101bff show 1015 dagar sedan
  • AL is dad

    Kiki DorantesKiki Dorantes5 dagar sedan
  • The queen of gems is in your house

    Amanda HunterAmanda Hunter5 dagar sedan
  • No she did not no

    Deidre GilesDeidre Giles6 dagar sedan
  • sehy bad

    andrea richardsonandrea richardson6 dagar sedan
  • Me

    Khalid AljalajilKhalid Aljalajil6 dagar sedan
  • i nkow

    Sally LowSally Low6 dagar sedan
  • I agree with jack justas

    Alexis MooreAlexis Moore6 dagar sedan

    Va'Kyron YoungVa'Kyron Young6 dagar sedan
  • OMG matt is anna he look cool

    Staely MbokoloStaely Mbokolo7 dagar sedan
  • Culina jams is working

    Charlitta KnightnorCharlitta Knightnor7 dagar sedan
  • my channel name is loveFam

    Rosie RoseRosie Rose7 dagar sedan
  • Al is bad

    Zing TeZing Te7 dagar sedan
  • bad

    aliyah brewsteraliyah brewster7 dagar sedan
  • BAD !

    Rui AlvesRui Alves8 dagar sedan
  • We Not Trust AL

    Katherine ChandlerKatherine Chandler8 dagar sedan
  • hi

    alyvia paigealyvia paige8 dagar sedan
  • Its hack saw

    Leila IsmailLeila Ismail8 dagar sedan
  • Queen of the gems i think is contoriling al

    Quinny paulina JeffriQuinny paulina Jeffri8 dagar sedan
  • HH is voice is different from now

    Akshita’s WorldAkshita’s World8 dagar sedan
  • Haha matt looks so funny in a wig and makeup 😂🤣😅😆😁😄😀😃

    Farzana Yasmin MeahFarzana Yasmin Meah9 dagar sedan
  • it is hank Sol

    young perkyoung perk9 dagar sedan
  • It’s Halloween hacker

    Sneha HedaSneha Heda10 dagar sedan
  • "𝑨𝒏𝒏𝒂"𝒎𝒂𝒌𝒆𝒔 𝒎𝒆 𝒍𝒂𝒖𝒈𝒉

    Stop Motion Top queenStop Motion Top queen11 dagar sedan
  • The queen of gems is controlling al

    karinaaakarinaaa11 dagar sedan

    Oretha TuckerOretha Tucker11 dagar sedan
  • AL is BAD

    AleksPiggyProAleksPiggyPro11 dagar sedan
  • The Queen of jems took rz twin hory zamfam i now you can save her

    Kobra MosawiKobra Mosawi11 dagar sedan
  • The Halloween hacker is concerning al

    Kobra MosawiKobra Mosawi11 dagar sedan
  • I think the decoder is the one who's al

    Aliyah RamirezAliyah Ramirez11 dagar sedan
  • no

    Richard LwambaRichard Lwamba11 dagar sedan
  • Gml

    Rupireddy SrinivasreddyRupireddy Srinivasreddy12 dagar sedan
  • the Qween of jems is conchroling all

    Isabella SanchezIsabella Sanchez12 dagar sedan
  • Decoder is the Hacker

    Balqis ShittuBalqis Shittu12 dagar sedan
  • ,

    Brett CopleyBrett Copley12 dagar sedan
  • She is working with Queen of gems al

    Mark MussonMark Musson12 dagar sedan
  • Rebbeca are you gone crazy do not do this

    Jaydav GhosJaydav Ghos12 dagar sedan
  • The queen of gems took rz twin

    katherine prattkatherine pratt12 dagar sedan
  • Maddie when you went to go get a drink of water the queen of gems was behind you she's controlling out

    Rain WendlandRain Wendland13 dagar sedan
  • Queen of gems are spying on you

    victoria traceyvictoria tracey13 dagar sedan
  • I did this once

    Piotr JarugaPiotr Jaruga13 dagar sedan
  • I think Mr x is controlling al

    Locker FamilyLocker Family13 dagar sedan
  • Hack saw is rokey the de coder is cambers

    Mark GrantMark Grant14 dagar sedan

    Hemyan AlhadadHemyan Alhadad15 dagar sedan
  • Rebecca queen of gems is in your house she is the one who heard Maddie

    Hemyan AlhadadHemyan Alhadad15 dagar sedan
  • I knew what maddie knew

    Falon JohnsonFalon Johnson15 dagar sedan
  • Yes No The house Different Dnt Fgntnf Feffdccgytfcg

    Trung DangTrung Dang15 dagar sedan

    Saleem AlkhateebSaleem Alkhateeb15 dagar sedan
  • Msx👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    The Jace Norman Riele Downs ChannelThe Jace Norman Riele Downs Channel15 dagar sedan
  • De.coder is the one controlling A.L

    cupcake sparklecupcake sparkle15 dagar sedan
  • SEworld isn’t pay Matt enough that’s why he needs to be an Uber driver and a post mates delivery guy

    Purple DreamsPurple Dreams15 dagar sedan
  • rebecca zamolo i kone that you have to bo addams family so mr,x

    Briee XBriee X16 dagar sedan