Giant Flintstones in Real Life! 24 Hours No Technology Challenge! Rebecca Zamolo

21 nov 2020
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After Rebecca’s emergency room trip to the hospital she had an emotional surgery. Matt and Rebecca then posted Breaking Rebecca Out of the Hospital Emergency Room! The Game Master network posted a surprise Double Date with Maddie's Ex Crush Gone Wrong. Rebecca and her best friends must go with no technology for 24 hours as Flintstones in real life. Daniel knows the Kingpin hypnotized Rebecca and has been tracking her iphone so he sets off an EMP. Once the EMP is explodes the squad does not have power. That means that all electronic devices do not work. Rebecca will have to live without technology for 24 hours. No iPhone, MacBook not even a refrigerator. Daniel arrives and brings Flintstones disguises. For 24 hours they will be flintstones in real life. In order to defeat Al they will need to activate the gems. Each gem activates with different elements. Earth, Wind, Water and Fire just like Avatar the last airbender. Do you think Rebecca and Matt and finish this challenge in time? Rebecca can’t even do tik toks or call a best friend. No communication, no power and no technology for 24 hours. This might be the hardest challenge yet especially at 3am with ghosts. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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  • Rebecca had been using the RHS headache device thing you have to stop her!!!!

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    • and rebecca maddie challenges!

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  • the fourth gem might be in the poool

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  • Rebecca can you give me a I pad plsss

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  • White is air and red is fire green is earth fourth gem is blue is water

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  • hey Rebecca go back to the video when you Daniel and matt where trapped in GMI prison it will show Robbie robs face he was part of the GMI

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