Ignoring Rebecca Zamolo for 24 Hours to Reveal Secret on Camera Roll!

17 jul 2020
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This week, I, Rebecca Zamolo filled Maddie's room with photos of her ex boyfriend crush and it was a bad idea. That was right before Matt and Rebecca tried going through Maddie's crush camera roll to find the truth. A few days earlier the Game Master Network played the last to leave the pool challenge wins $10,000. Now it is time for payback because Maddie has a giant idea. Matt and Maddie are going to try ignoring Rebecca Zamolo for 24 hours to reveal secret on her camera roll. It looks like she is keeping secrets about Maddie's new crush who looks like her ex boyfriend. Matt found hidden text messages and it sounds suspicious. Rebecca is not happy about this. First she tries everything to get their attention. Matt and Maddie try doing gymnastics and fitness challenges. Rebecca decides to start tricking them by using the funniest pranks that you can do at home. First she makes Maddie's teeth black by using charcoal. Next while Matt is taking a nap she puts. shaving cream on his hand. Nothing is working so she invites Robbie Rob over. When he arrives Matt and Maddie prank them back while spying on them. Are they keeping secrets. Matt breaks and confronts his wife. They show the hidden secret text messages and it reveals the truth on her camera roll. What do you think they will find? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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  • Matt has to let maddie date he leted conner date and he is smaller the maddie so it won't be fair

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  • I think you should stop pranking her she's getting really mad and she she needs to keep this secret it's very important to her and if you mess that up then you'll be in big trouble Quit watching and matt Enslaves SEworld channel Or Maddy's tick talks

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  • Rebecca deserves this . Hahaha hahaha haha. Rebecca is the worst . Rebecca is the worst. Rebecca is the worst. Rebecca is the worst. Rebecca is the worst. Rebecca is the worst. Rebecca is the worst. Rebecca is the worst.rebecca is the worst. Rebecca is the worst. Rebecca deserves this. Rebecca deserves this. Rebecca deserves this. Rebecca deserves this. Rebecca deserves this. Rebecca is the worst. Rebecca deserves this. Rebecca deserves this. Rebecca deserves this.

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  • Rebecca they are annoying you for 24 hours. Because you are not showing your camera roll. I Don't know how to spell ok.

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